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Clippings File Subject Guide for the Stock Car Racing Collection: Subjects L

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File, L



L & R Motorsports; SEE ALSO
            Norick, Lance
            Norick, Ron

La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway

Labbe, Richard “Slugger”

Labonte, Bobby; SEE ALSO
            Bobby Labonte Racing
            Labonte Family

Labonte Family; SEE ALSO
            Labonte, Bobby
            Labonte, Terry

Labonte, Justin

Labonte, Terry; SEE ALSO
            Junior Johnson Race Team
            Labonte Family

Labor Unions; SEE ALSO
             NASCAR--Drivers Council

La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway

Laguna Seca Raceway

Lajoie, Corey

Lajoie, Randy

Lake Erie Speedway

Lake Geneva Raceway

Lake Hill Speedway

Lakeport Speedway

Lakeside Auto Speedway

Lakeside Speedway (Colorado)

Lakeside Speedway (Kansas)

Lakewood Speedway

Lally, Andy

Lampus, Don; SEE ALSO Lampus Racing

Lampus Racing; SEE ALSO Lampus, Don

Lancaster Motorplex

Lancaster National Speedway & Dragway

Lancaster Speedway (New York); SEE Lancaster National Speedway & Dragway

Land Speed Record; SEE ALSO
            Daytona Beach, Races on
            Ormond Garage

Lane, John “Ace”

Lane, John "Ace" Jr.

Lane, John (J J)

Langhorne Speedway; SEE ALSO Hoag, Dutch

Langley, Elmo

Langley Field Speedway; SEE Langley Speedway

Langley Speedway

Lanier, Randy; SEE Drivers–Criminal Prosecution

Lanier National Speedway

Lanigan, Darrell

LaRosa, Lou

Larson, Jeff

Larson, Kyle

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Late Model Racing; SEE ALSO
            Dirt Motorsports
            Dirt Track Racing
            Drivers Independent Race Tracks
            Florida Pro Series
            FASCAR Sunbelt Super Late Model Series
            Hell Tour
            Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series
            Midwest Late Model Dirt Track Championship
            National Late Model Series
            NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series
            Northern Late Model Racing Association
            ROMCO Super Late Model Series
            Southern United Professional Racing Series
            Southwest Dirtcar Late Model Series
            United Dirt Late Model Challenge Series
            United Dirt Track Racing Association
            United Late Model Racing

Latford, Bob

Lathan, Leon

Latrobe Speedway

Laughlin, Mike

Lavely Family

Lawing, Houston

Lawler, Don

Lawnmower Racing; SEE ALSO names of specific bodies, ie, Allegheny Mower Racing Association

Lawrence, Jason

Lawrenceburg Speedway

Lawson Family

Lawsuits; SEE ALSO
            Liability, Legal
            subject of legal action, ie, Drivers–Criminal Prosecution
            specific lawsuits, ie, Ferko vs. NASCAR

Lazzaro, Lou

Lazzaro, Mimi

Leach, Bob

Lead, Exposure to; SEE Gasoline

Lebanon Valley Speedway

Lee, Shane

Lee Speedway

Lee USA Speedway

Leffler, Jason

Legacy Series: SEE  Allison Legacy Series

Legendary Hilltop Speedway

Legends Series

Legge, Katherine

Legion Ascot Speedway

Legion Speedway (New Hampshire)

Lehman, Joe

Lehman, Peter; SEE ALSO Lehman Racing

Lehman Racing; SEE ALSO Lehman, Peter

Leicht, Stephen

Leighton, Brad

LeMans; SEE 24 Hours of LeMans

LeMay, Curtis

Leonard, Marta

Leone, Kirk

Lepage, Kevin

Lernerville Speedway

Leslie, Tracy

Lester, Bill; SEE ALSO
            Bobby Hamilton Racing
            Minorities in Racing

Letarte, Steve

Letter Cars; SEE Chrysler Corporation

Lettow, Howie; SEE ALSO Herzog Jackson Motorsports

Lewallen, Jimmie

Lewis, Ashton, Jr.; SEE ALSO Lewis Motorsports

Lewis Motorsports; SEE ALSO Lewis, Ashton, Jr.

Lewis, Paul

Lewis, Rick

Lewis, Shane

Lewter, James

Lia, Donny

Liability, Legal

Libby Brothers

Liberati, Tony; SEE ALSO Herzog Jackson Motorsports

Liberty Racing

Licensing; SEE

Lieupo, Ronnie

Life Insurance; SEE
            Drivers–Insurance Policies
            Richard Childress Racing–Earnhardt Life Insurance Policy

Lightning; SEE

Liguori, Ralph

Lilly, Betty

Lilly, Judy

Lime Rock Park


Lincoln Speedway

Lindley, Butch

Liquor Advertising; SEE ALSO Tobacco Advertising


Little, Chad

Little 500

Littlejohn, Joe

Livengood, Dewey

Living Legends of Auto Racing

Livingston, Ed

Local Racing; SEE ALSO
            Dodge Weekly Racing Series
            NASCAR Weekly Racing Series

Lockhart, Frank

Loden, Andy

Lodging Costs; SEE Event Prices

Log Cabin Raceway

Logano, Joey


Logue, John

Lonesome Pine Raceway; SEE Clay Valley Speedway

Long, Bondy

Long, Carl

Long, Johanna

Long Beach, Grand Prix of

Loomis, Robbie; SEE ALSO Hendrick Motorsports

LoPatin, Larry

Lorenzen, Fred

Lorenzet, Shany; SEE ALSO Photography

Los Angeles Coliseum

Los Angeles International Motor Raceway

Los Angeles Speedway

Louisville Motor Speedway

Love, Mike

Lovern, Mike

Lowes Companies, Inc.

Lowes Motor Speedway; SEE Charlotte Motor Speedway

Lucas Oil

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series

Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis

Lucas Oil Speedway

Luffy, Don

Lulek, Albert

Lund, Tiny (DeWayne Louis)

Lund, Wanda. SEE Early, Wanda Lund

Lunsford, Bud

Lupton, Frank

Lynch, Derek

Lyne, Heather


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