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Clippings File Subject Guide for the Stock Car Racing Collection: Subjects P-Q

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, P-Q



Pace Cars

Pacific Coast Late Model Division; SEE Winston West Series

Pacific Raceways

Pacific Racing Association

Pack, Brian

Packard, Sammy

PacWest Racing Group

Padgett, Charles R.

Paducah International Raceway

Pagan, Eddie

Pagan Racing

Page, Dick

Pahrump Valley Speedway

Paint Schemes, Car; SEE ALSO Decals, Car

Palm Beach Speedway

Palmetto Motorsports Complex

Pan American Road Race

Panch, Marvin

Panch, Richie

Pannell, Rick

Papis, Max

Paradise Speedway Maui

Paragon Speedway

Pardue, Jim

Pardue, Kenneth

Pardus, Dan

Parent, Ray

Parity in Racing

Park, Bill

Park, Bob

Park, Steve

Parker, Hank Jr.

Parker, Lonnie Jr.

Parker, Shawn


Parks, Raymond

Parks, Wally

Parramatta City Raceway

Parrott, Brad; SEE ALSO Parrott Family

Parrott, Buddy; SEE ALSO
            Benfield Racing Team
            Parrott Family

Parrott Family; SEE ALSO
            Parrott, Brad
            Parrott, Buddy
            Parrott, Todd

Parrott, Todd; SEE ALSO
            Parrott Family
            Robert Yates Racing

Parsons, Benny

Parsons, Phil

Parsons, Vic

PART (Professional Auto Racing Teams)

Paschal, Jim

PASS; SEE Pro All Star Series

Passmore, Christi

Pastrana, Travis

Patrick, Danica


Patterson, Bob Sr.

Pattie, Brian

Patton, Damion

Pauch, Billy

Pauch, Billy Jr.

Pay-Per-View; SEE ALSO
           Streaming Live
          Television Broadcasting

Payne, David

Payton, Walter

Peace Haven Speedway

Peach Bowl Speedway

Peak Fitness Racing

Pearson, David; SEE ALSO
            Pearson Family
            Wood Brothers Racing

Pearson, Earl Jr.

Pearson Family; SEE ALSO Pearson, David

Pearson, Larry; SEE ALSO Pearson Family

Pearson, Ricky; SEE ALSO Pearson Family

Peck, Tom

Peltier, Preston

Pemberton Family; SEE ALSO
            Pemberton, Randy
            Pemberton, Robin
            Pemberton, Ryan

Pemberton, Randy

Pemberton, Robin

Pemberton, Ryan; SEE ALSO Jasper Motorsports

Pena, Sergio

Penalties; SEE NASCAR--Policing the Sport

Penn Can Speedway

Penn National Speedway

Pennington, Jack

Pennington, Raymond

Pennsboro Speedway

Pennsylvania Motor Speedway; SEE Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway

Pennsylvania, Racing in

Penske Motorsports, Inc.; SEE ALSO
            Penske Racing
            Penske Racing South
            Penske, Roger S.

Penske Racing; SEE ALSO
            Penske Motorsports, Inc.
            Penske Racing South
            Penske, Roger S.

Penske Racing South

Penske, Roger S.; SEE ALSO
            Penske Motorsports, Inc.
            Penske Racing
            Penske Racing South

Peoria Speedway

Pepsi 400

Perrego, Anthony

Perris Auto Speedway

Petaluma Speedway

Perry, Bud

Personnel Changes; SEE
            Silly Season
            names of specific individuals or race teams

Peters, Timothy

Petersen, Robert E.

Peterson, Steve

Petree, Andy; SEE ALSO Andy Petree Racing

Petris, Terry

Petruska, Jared

Petty, Adam; SEE ALSO Petty Family

Petty, Austin; SEE ALSOPetty Family

Petty Enterprises; SEE ALSO Wilson, Rick

Petty Family; SEE ALSO
            Charitable Activities
            Vuctory Junction Gang Camp
            names of specific people, ie, Petty, Lee

Petty, Kyle; SEE ALSO
            Petty Enterprises
            Petty Family
            SABCO Racing

Petty, Lee; SEE ALSO Petty Family

Petty, Lynda. SEE ALSO Petty Family

Petty, Maurice; SEE ALSO Petty Family

Petty Motorsports; SEE Richard Petty Motorsports

Petty, Richard; SEE ALSO
            Petty Enterprises
            Petty Family
            Richard Petty Motorsports
            Richard Petty Museum
            subheadings in this section

Petty, Richard–Retirement

Petty, Richie

Pettyjohn Family

Phelon Motorsports

Phelps, Steve

Phillips, Benny

Phillips, Billie

Phillips, E. W. “Kingpin”

Phillips, Fatso

Phillips, Larry

Phillips, Lynn "Preacher"

Phillips, Rance

Phoenix International Raceway ; SEE ISM Raceway

Phoenix Racing

Photography; SEE ALSO
            Copyright Guidelines
            Allio, David
            Chernokal, Walt
            Coles, Ken
            Ellis, Gene
            Hodge, Howie
            Hoyt, Phil
            Hunter, Don
            Lane, John “Ace”
            Lane, John "J J"
            Lorenzet, Shany
            Tiedemann, George
            Warren, T. Taylor
            Yoder, Bill

Physical Fitness; SEE ALSO
            Drivers as Athletes

Pickell, Bobby

Pickurel, Clarence

Piedmont Interstate Fairgrounds Racetrack

Pierce, Bob

Pierce, Bobby

Piggins, Vince

Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb

Pike’s Peak International Raceway

Pike's Peak Super Speedway; SEE Pike's Peak International Raceway

Pine Brook Stadium

Pinewood Derby

Piquet, Nelson Jr.

Pirkle, Gordon

Pistone, Tom

Pit Boards

Pit Carts

Pit Crew Competition

Pit Crew Members, Female; SEE ALSO Women in Racing

Pit Crews; SEE ALSO
            Crew Chiefs
            Occupational Stress
            Physical Fitness
            Pit Crew Competition
            Pit Crews as Athletes
            Race Teams–Crews
            Safety–Pit Crews
            specific race teams, ie, Robert Yates Racing

Pit Crews as Athletes; SEE ALSO Drivers as Athletes

Pit Road–Rules; SEE ALSO
            Safety–Pit Crews

Pit Road--Speeds

Pit Stalls

Pit Stops

Pitkavish, Joe

Pittman, Shelton “Runt”; SEE ALSO Morgan-McClure Motorsports

Pittsburgh Circle Track Club

Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway

Pittsfield Speedway

Plainville Stadium

Plank, Leon

Plant Field

Platt, Hubert

Platte, Ray

Players Challenge Series

Plemmons, Dickie

Plymouth; SEE
            Chrysler Corporation

Plymouth Superbird

Pocono Raceway; SEE ALSO
            Mattioli, Joe
            Mattioli, Rose

Poetry; SEE Literature

Pogorzelski, Tom

Point Fund; SEE NASCAR–Points System

Points System; SEE NASCAR–Points System

Pole Position; SEE ALSO Race Qualifying

Politicians and Racing; SEE ALSO
            NASCAR--Political Activity
             Politics in Racing

Politics in Racing

Pollard, Bubba

Pollard, Hence

Pollard, Larry

Pombo, Al

Pond, Lennie

Pontiac; SEE ALSO General Motors

Poole, David

Popularity; SEE
            Race Attendance

Port Royal Speedway

Porter, Marvin

Posey, Sam

Post-Race Celebrations

Postage Stamps

Poston, Howard “Slick”

Potomac Speedway

Potter, Bob

Potts, Dick

Powell, Charles III

Powell, Cristen

Powell, Roston

PPG Industries, Inc.

PPI Motorsports

Pre-Race Entertainment; SEE NASCAR–Marketing

Precision Products Racing

Preece, Ryan

Press, Dan

Pressley, Bob

Pressley, Coleman

Pressley Family

Pressley, Robert; SEE ALSO
            Bobby Hamilton Racing
            Jasper Motorsports

Prestwood, Max Jr.

Price Motorsports

Primus, Reggie

Pritchett, C. L.; SEE ALSO Pritchett Family

Pritchett Family

Pro All Star Series

Pro Challenge Series

Pro Rally Series

ProCup Series; SEE Hooters ProCup Series

Procter & Gamble

Proctor Speedway

Product Endorsement; SEE ALSO
            Drivers and Public Relations

Professional Athlete Ties with Racing; SEE
            Celebrities and Racing
            names of specific people, i.e., Jerry Glanville

Professional Auto Racing Teams Incorporated; SEE PART

Professional Drivers Association; SEE Labor Unions

Professional Racers Organization (PRO)

Promoters; SEE
            Race Promoters
            Race Promotions

Promotional Items; SEE

Pronger, Bob

Prosser, Oren

Provisional Starting Positions; SEE Race Qualifying

Pruett, Scott

Psychological Aspects; SEE Automobile Racing–Psychological Aspects

Pryor, Ron

Public Relations; SEE ALSO Cotter, Tom

Publicly Traded Racing Stock; SEE Investments

Publishers and Publishing

Pulliam, Lee

Punch, Jerry

Pure Oil Company

Pure Record Club

Purkey, Al

Purser, Carl "Smokey"

Purses; SEE Race Purses

Purvis, Jeff; SEE ALSO
            Joe Gibbs Racing
            Morgan-McClure Motorsports

Putnam, Ray

Putney, J. T.

Pyne, George



Quad City Speedway

Quarter Midget Racing

Quick, Alison







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