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Clippings File Subject Guide for the Stock Car Racing Collection: Subjects I-J

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, I


I-88 Speedway

I-55 Raceway

I-70 Motorsports Park

I-75 Speedway

I-77 Speedway


Ice, Racing on

Ickler, Brian

Ifft, David

IHRA; SEE International Hot Rod Association

Illiana Motor Speedway

Illinois, Racing in


Imlay, Walter

Impact Motorsports; SEE ALSO Hodson, David

Imports; SEE Automobile Manufacturers, Foreign

Impound Rules; SEE NASCAR–Impound Rules


In-Car Cameras; SEE Cameras, In-Car

In-Car Radios; SEE Radios, In-Car         

Ince, James

Independent Drivers; SEE ALSO
            Race Teams, Single Car
            names of specific drivers, ie, Gordon, Cecil

Independent Tracks; SEE Racetracks–Sanctioning

Indiana Fairgrounds Mile

Indiana, Racing in; SEE ALSO Brownsburg, Indiana

Indiana State Fairgrounds

Indianapolis 500; SEE ALSO Memorial Weekend Racing

Indianapolis Motor Speedway; SEE ALSO
            Brickyard 400
            Indianapolis 500

Indianapolis Raceway Park

Indianapolis Speedrome

Indoor Tracks; SEE ALSO
            Arena Racing USA

Indy Racing League

IndyCar Racing

Infineon Raceway; SEE Sears Point Raceway

Ingalls, Doug

Ingalls Family

Ingle, Bill

Ingraham, Shawna

Ingram, Jack

Inman, Dale

Inmon, Jerry

Innovative Motorsports; SEE ALSO Wallace, Kenny

Inspection, Car; SEE Race Car Technical Inspection

Insurance Policies; SEE ALSO
            Drivers–Insurance Policies
            Richard Childress Racing–Earnhardt Life Insurance Policy

Intercollegiate Racing; SEE Collegiate Involvement in Racing

International Competitions; SEE ALSO
            International Stock Car Racing
            NASCAR–International Exposure

International Division (NASCAR); SEE ALSO Jaguar

International Hot Rod Association; SEE ALSO Drag Racing

International Motor Contest Association; SEE IMCA

International Motor Sports Association; SEE IMSA

International Motorsports Hall of Fame (IMHOF)

International Race of Champions (IROC)

International Racing

International Raceway Park

International Sedan Series; SEE Baby Grand Division

International Speedway Corporation; SEE ALSO
            France Family
            Kennedy, Lesa
            Racetracks–Economic Aspects

International Sport Compact Auto Racing Series; SEE ISCARS

International Stock Car Racing; SEE ALSO
            NASCAR–International Exposure

International Supermodified Association; SEE ISMA

Internet; SEE ALSO

Interstate Racing Association

Inverted Starts; SEE Race Starts

Investments; SEE
            Fanz Racing
            Mutual Funds

Iowa, Racing in

Iowa Speedway

Iowa State Fair Speedway

IRL; SEE Indy Racing League

IROC; SEE International Race of Champions

Irvan, Ernie; SEE ALSO Morgan-McClure Motorsports

Irvan, Jared

Irvin, Tommie

Irwin, Kenny

Irwindale Speedway

Isaac, Bobby 

ISCARS Dash Series

Iskenderian, Ed

Islip Speedway; SEE ALSO
            Figari, Lou
            Mendelsohn, Larry

ISM Raceway


Jackson International Speedway (Mississippi)

Jackson, Jack

Jackson, Reggie  SEE ALSO
            Herzog Jackson Motorsports
            Minorities in Racing

Jackson, Richard; SEE ALSO Precision Products Racing

Jackson Speedway (Minnesota)

Jackson, Steve

Jacob, Gary

Jacobi, Bruce

Jacobs, Joe

Jaguar; SEE ALSO International Division (NASCAR)

Jalopy Racing

James, Bob

James, Lee

James, Markey

Jankowiak, Andy

Jannett, Frank

Japan; SEE International Stock Car Racing

Jarrett, Dale; SEE ALSO Robert Yates Racing

Jarrett Family

Jarrett, Jason

Jarrett, Ned

Jarvis, Dwight

Jasper Motorsports

JAX Raceway

Jefferson Speedway


Jenkins, Bill

Jennerstown Speedway

JKS Motorsports

Jobs in Racing; SEE ALSO
            Drivers–Salaries, Benefits
            Education Programs

Joe Amato Racing; SEE ALSO Amato, Joe

Joe Gibbs Racing; SEE ALSO Gibbs, Joe

Joe Weatherly Stock Car Museum  SEE Darlington Raceway Stock Car Museum

Johns, Bobby

Johnson, Alan

Johnson, Bob

Johnson, Danny

Johnson, Flossie

Johnson, Jack

Johnson, Jessie

Johnson, Jimmie; SEE ALSO
            Hendrick Motorsports
            Herzog Jackson Motorsports

Johnson, Jimmy

Johnson, Joe Lee

Johnson, Junior (Robert Glen, Jr.); SEE ALSO
            Goodwood Festival of Speed
            Johnson, Flossie
            Junior Johnson Race Team

Johnson, Robert

Johnson, Ronnie

Johnson, Ruby L.

Johnson, Ted

Johnson, Tina

Johnson, Tommy Jr.

Johnson, Warren

Johnstone, Ray

Joliet Memorial Stadium

Jones and McGee Motorsports

Jones, Bobby

Jones, Booker T. Washington

Jones, Buckshot; SEE ALSO Petty Enterprises

Jones, Davy

Jones, Don

Jones, Eddie

Jones, Erik

Jones, Gordon

Jones, Harvey

Jones, Jabez; SEE ALSO Jones and McGee Motorsports

Jones, Jacky

Jones, Jagger

Jones, Max

Jones, P. J.

Jones, Parnelli

Jones, Pee Wee

Jones, Roy

Jones, Sandy

Jones, Tony

Jordan, Dick

Jordan, Lester

Jordan, Michael

Jourdain, Michel Jr.

Journalists; SEE
            Women in Racing
            Names of Specific Individuals, ie, Weber , Bill

Joy, Mike

JR Motorsports

JTG Daugherty Racing: SEE ALSO Daugherty, Brad

Judkins, Bob

Jukasa Speedway

Junction Motor Speedway

June, Don

Jungle Park Speedway

Junior Johnson Race Team; SEE ALSO
            Benfield, Henry
            Johnson, Junior
            Junior Johnson Racing (Robert Johnson)
            Marlin, Sterling

Junior Johnson Racing (Robert Johnson)

Junk Formula Racing

Justice, Ed Sr.


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