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Clippings File Subject Guide for the Stock Car Racing Collection: Subjects R

Stock Car Racing Clippings File Subjects, R


R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company; SEE ALSO
            Corporate Sponsors
            Robertson, T. Wayne
            Tobacco Advertising

RAB Racing

Rabideau, Sonny

Race Announcers

Race Attendance

Race Attendance–Statistics

Race Car Decals; SEE Decals, Car

Race Car Design

Race Car Design–Research

Race Car Numbers; SEE Car Numbers--NASCAR

Race Car Paint Schemes; SEE Paint Schemes, Car

Race Car Seats; SEE ALSO Safety

Race Car Set-Up; SEE ALSO
            NASCAR--Rules--Technical Inspection
            Race Car Technology
            Race Strategy
            Restrictor Plate Racing
            Shock Absorbers

Race Car Technical Inspection; SEE ALSO
            Stock Cars–Technical Specifications
            Thomas, M. Frank

Race Car Technology; SEE ALSO
            Race Car Set-Up
            Restrictor Plate Racing

Race Car Transporters; SEE Transporters, Race Car

Race Cars

Race Cars–Driver Comfort

Race Cars--Drivers

Race Cars, Foreign; SEE
            Automobile Manufacturers, Foreign
            names of specific companies, ie, Toyota

Race Cars–Inspection; SEE Race Car Technical Inspection

Race Cars--NASCAR; SEE
            Car of Tomorrow
            Gen-6 Car
            Race Cars--Templates

Race Cars–Nicknames; SEE Nicknames

Race Cars–Numbers; SEE Car Numbers--NASCAR

Race Cars–Restoration; SEE ALSO Day, J. B.

Race Cars–Size

Race Cars–Technical Specifications; SEE
            Stock Cars–Technical Specifications
            Engine Rules–NASCAR
            Race Cars–Templates

Race Cars–Templates; SEE ALSO
            Car of Tomorrow
            Gen-6 Car

Race Day Activities; SEE NASCAR–Race Day Procedures

Race Entries; SEE ALSO Starting Field Size

Race Finishes

Race Fixing; SEE Race Teams--Orders to Drivers

Race Length; SEE NASCAR--Race Length

Race Promoters

Race Promotions

Race Purses

Race Qualifying; SEE ALSO
            Pole Position

Race Replays; SEE Race Scoring

Race Restarts

Race Results, Annual

Race Schedule: SEE
            Grand National Series–Race Schedule
            Sprint Cup Series–Race Schedule
            Winston Cup Series–Race Schedule
            Nextel Cup Series–Race Schedule
            Monster Energy Cup Series--Race Schedule

Race Scorers

Race Scoring

Race Shops

Race Shops–Crews; SEE
            Crew Chiefs
            Pit Crews
            Race Teams–Crews

Race Speeds; SEE ALSO
            Restrictor Plate Racing
            Race Car Set-Up
            Race Strategy

Race Spotters

Race Starts; SEE ALSO
            Starting Field Size
            Race Restarts

Race Strategy; SEE ALSO
            Race Car Set-Up

Race Suits; SEE Fire Suits

Race Team Alliance

Race Teams

Race Teams--Communication; SEE ALSO
            Radios, In-Car

Race Teams--Cooperative Ventures

Race Teams–Crews; SEE ALSO
            Crew Chiefs
            Pit Crews

Race Teams–Economic Aspects; SEE ALSO
            Cost of Racing
            Economic Aspects
            NASCAR–Economic Aspects

Race Teams–Flying; SEE Flying

Race Teams–Franchises; SEE Franchises

Race Teams–Mergers

Race Teams, Multicar

Race Teams--Orders to Drivers

Race Teams--Owners

Race Teams–Owners–Development      

Race Teams–Ownership Cap

Race Teams, Publicly Held; SEE Fanz Racing

Race Teams–Salaries, Benefits; SEE ALSO Drivers–Salaries, Benefits

Race Teams, Single Car; SEE ALSO
            Independent Drivers
            Race Teams, Multicar

Race Timing

Race Uniforms; SEE Drivers–Racing Suits

Race Watching

Racers’ Group


Races--Start Times

Racetracks; SEE ALSO
            Airport Circuits
            Board Tracks
            Corporate Sponsors–Racetracks
            Dirt Tracks
            Indoor Tracks
            Road Courses
            Short Tracks
            names of specific tracks, ie, Martinsville Speedway
            subheadings in this section


Racetracks–Amenities; SEE ALSO Racetracks–Concessions





Racetracks–Closings; SEE ALSO names of specific racetracks


Racetracks–Concessions; SEE ALSO Food

Racetracks–Construction and Expansion; SEE ALSO
            specific locations of racetracks under this heading, ie, Racetracks–New York City
            names of specific racetracks, ie, Daytona International Speedway

Racetracks–Corporate Sponsors; SEE Corporate Sponsors–Racetracks

Racetracks-Design; SEE ALSO Racetracks-Construction and Expansion

Racetracks–Drivers’ Favorites

Racetracks–Economic Aspects; SEE ALSO
            International Speedway Corporation
            Racetracks, Small
            Speedway Motorsports
            names of specific racetracks





Racetracks–Legal Aspects



Racetracks--New Jersey

Racetracks–New York City

Racetracks–New York State

Racetracks--Noise; SEE ALSO Noise

Racetracks-North Carolina



Racetracks–Pacific Northwest



Racetracks, Sanctioned


Racetracks, Small; SEE ALSO Racetracks–Economic Aspects



Racetracks–Washington (State)

Racetracks–West Virginia

Raceway 5; SEE Genesee Speedway

Raceway Park Clearfield PA

Raceway Park (Illinois)

Raceway Park (Minnesota)

Racial Discrimination


Racing and Highway Safety

Racing as Entertainment; SEE NASCAR–Marketing

Racing Back to the Caution; SEE NASCAR–Rules


Racing, Competitive

Racing–Costs; SEE
             Cost of Racing
            NASCAR–Economic Aspects
            Race Teams–Economic Aspects
            Racing Organizations--Financial Performance

Racing Families; SEE ALSO names of specific families, ie, Flock Family

Racing--History; SEE

Racing Literature; SEE
            Racing Magazines

Racing, Local; SEE Local Racing

Racing Magazines

Racing Organizations--Financial Performance

Racing Schools; SEE Education Programs

Racing Suits; SEE Fire Suits

Racing Terminology

Racing Wives Auxiliary; SEE Women’s Auxiliary of Motorsports

Racism; SEE ALSO
            Minorities in Racing
            Drivers, African-American
            names of specific drivers, ie, Wallace, Darrell

Radbruch, Don

Radford, Paul

Radio Broadcasting ; SEE ALSO
            Motor Racing Network
            Radio Programs

Radio Programs

Radio Scanners; SEE Race Watching       

Radios, In-Car

RaDiUs Motorsports; SEE ALSO DeWitt, Ray and Diane

Ragan, David

Ragan, Ken

Rahal, Bobby; SEE ALSO
            Gloy/Rahal Racing
            Rahal, Graham
            Team Rahal

Rahal, Graham

Rahmer, Fred

Rahmoc Racing Enterprises

Rain Delays

Raikkonen, Kimi

Rainbow Warriors; SEE Hendrick Motorsports

Raines, Tony

Rajo Jack

Raleigh Fairgrounds; SEE North Carolina State Fairgrounds

Raleigh Speedway

Rally Racing; SEE ProRally Series

Rambi Raceway

Randolph, Charlie

Rangeline Speedway

Ranier, Harry; SEE ALSO Ranier-Lundy Race Team

Ranier-Lundy Race Team; SEE ALSO Ranier, Harry

Ransomville Speedway

Ratcliff, Jason

Rathmann Family

Rattlesnake Raceway

Raven Raceway

Ray, Joie

Rayburn, C. J.

Reading Fairgrounds Speedway

Readville Race Track

Reamer, Stew

Rebel Flag: SEE Confederate Flag

Red Bull Racing

Red Flag Policy

Red River Valley Speedway

Reddick, Tyler

Redetzke, Jerry

Redline Raceway

Reed, Jim

Reed, John

Reedy, Bryan

Reeves, Stevie

Reffner, Tom

Regulation of Auto Racing; SEE Government Regulations

Reid, Boston

Reid, Gordon

Reigle, Jerry

Reins, J. V.

Reiser, John

Reiser, Robbie ; SEE ALSO Roush Racing

Relief Drivers: SEE Drivers, Relief

Religion and Racing; SEE ALSO Religious Programs

Religious Programs; SEE ALSO
            Baird, Bill
            Grubba, Dale
            Motor Racing Outreach
            Religion and Racing

Ren, Rick

Renfro, Dean

Renfrow, Randy

Renner, Marlin “Red”

Reno, Marc; SEE ALSO Phoenix Racing

Renshaw, Deborah

Rensi, Ed

Replays, Taped; SEE Race Scoring



Restrictor Plate Racing; SEE ALSO
            Race Speeds
            Tag-Team Racing

Retirement; SEE
            Petty, Richard–Retirement

Reuther, Bob

Reutimann, Buzzie

Reutimann, David

Reventlow, Lance

Revenue Sharing; SEE NASCAR--Revenue Sharing

Revson, Peter

Rexford, Bill

Reyben Racing  SEE ALSO Bennett, Brad

Reynolds, Mamie

Rezendes, Dave

Rhode Island, Racing in

Rhodes, Ben

Ribbs, Willy T.; SEE ALSO Minorities in Racing

Rice, Doug

Rice, Grady

Rice, Larry

Richard Childress Racing; SEE ALSO
            Childress, Richard
            other headings beginning with this phrase

Richard Childress Racing–Earnhardt Life Insurance Policy

Richard Childress Racing–Use of Number 3

Richard, Dale E.

Richard Petty Motorsports; SEE ALSO        
            Gillette Evernham Motorsports
            Petty Enterprises

Richard Petty Museum

Richards, C. J.

Richards, Josh

Richardson, Ernest C. “Buzzy”

Richert, Doug; SEE ALSO Joe Gibbs Racing

Richeson, Donnie; SEE ALSO
            King Racing

Richmond Fairgrounds Raceway; SEE Richmond Raceway

Richmond International Raceway; SEE Richmond Raceway     

Richmond Raceway

Richmond Raceway (Kentucky)

Richmond, Tim

Richter, Les

Rick Hendrick Motorsports; SEE Hendrick Motorsports

Ride Buying

Rider, Bill

Rider, Chuck

Ridley, Jody

Rife, Hilly

Riffle, Robert

Riggs, Layne

Riggs, Scott

Ritch, Michael

Ritter, John


Rivenburg, Gordy

River City Speedway

Riverhead Raceway

Rivers, Mendel

Riverside International Raceway

Riverside International Speedway (Nova Scotia)

Riverside Park Speedway

Riverview Speedway

Road America

Road Atlanta

Road Courses; SEE ALSO
            names of specific tracks, ie, Sears Point International Raceway

Road Racing ; SEE ALSO
            American Le Mans Series
            Road Courses
            names of specific races

Road Racing–Mexico


Robbins, Marty

Robbins, Rex

Robby Gordon Motorsports

Robert Yates Racing; SEE ALSO
            Robert Yates Racing Engines
            Yates, Robert

Robert Yates Racing Engines

Roberts, Casey

Roberts, David

Roberts Family

Roberts, Glenn “Fireball”

Roberts, Johnny

Robertson, George

Robertson, Gerald

Robertson Racing

Robertson, T. Wayne

Robinson, Jim

Robinson, Pete

Robinson, Shawna

Rocco, Keith

Rockford Speedway

Rockingham Motor Speedway (NC); SEE Rockingham Speedway

Rockingham Motor Speedway (NH)

Rockingham, North Carolina

Rockingham Speedway; SEE ALSO North Carolina Speedway

Rocky Top Raceway

Rogers, Bob

Role Models; SEE Drivers and Public Relations

Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona

Rolling Thunder Modified Auto Racing Series

Rolling Wheels Raceway

Rollins, Danny

Rollins, John W.; SEE ALSO Dover Downs International Speedway

Rollins, Lloyd “Shorty”

ROMCO Super Late Model Series

Rookie Drivers

Roosevelt Raceway

Roper, Dean

Roper, Jim

Roper, Tony

Rose Bowl

Rose, Brian

Ross, Earl

Ross, Randy

Rossell, Bob

Rough Driving

Roush Fenway Racing; SEE ALSO Roush, Jack

Roush, Jack; SEE ALSO Roush Fenway Racing

Roush Racing; SEE Roush Fenway Racing


Rowland, Coot

Rudd, Ricky; SEE ALSO
            Robert Yates Racing
            Wood Brothers

Rudolph, Alan

Rudolph Charlie

Ruggiero, Reggie

Rumley, Johnny

Rush, Ken

Russell, Darrell

Russell Family

Rusty Wallace Racing; SEE Wallace, Rusty

Ruttman Family; SEE ALSO
            Ruttman, Joe
            Ruttman, Troy

Ruttman, Joe; SEE ALSO
            Benfield Racing Team
            Phoenix Racing
            Ruttman Family

Ruttman, Troy; SEE ALSO Ruttman Family



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