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Clippings File Subject Guide for the Stock Car Racing Collection: Subjects A

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, A



AAA. SEE American Automobile Association

A. J. Foyt Racing; SEE ALSO Foyt, A. J.

Accord Speedway

Ace Speedway

Ackerman, Jim

Ada Raceway

Adam, Freddy

Adams County Speedway

Adams, Rudy

Adcock, Grant

Addington, Mike; SEE ALSO Addington Racing

Addington Racing; SEE ALSO Addington, Mike

Adirondack International Speedway

Advertising; SEE
            Corporate Exposure
            Corporate Sponsors
            Liquor Advertising
            Product Endorsement
            Tobacco Advertising



Advertising–Spokespeople ; SEE
            Drivers and Public Relations
            Product Endorsement

Aero Push; SEE
            Parity in Racing
            Race Car Technology

Aerodynamics; SEE
            Race Car Technology
            Wind Tunnels

Affleck, Francis

African-Americans in Racing; SEE
            Black American Racers Association
            Drivers, African-American
            Minorities in Racing
            names of specific people, ie, Bill Lester
            names of specific teams, ie, Herzog Jackson Motorsports   

Afton Raceway  

Agajanian, Cary; SEE ALSO
            Ascot Park
            Curb-Agajanian Motorsports

Agents, Sports; SEE
            Sports Agents
            names of specific people, ie, Agajanian, Cary

AHRA; SEE American Hot Rod Association

Air Base Speedway

Air Pollution

Airborne Speedway

Aircraft; SEE ALSO Flying

Airport Circuits

Akins Motorsports

Akron Airport

Alabama Gang; SEE ALSO
            Allison, Bobby
            Allison, Davey
            Allison, Donnie
            Bonnett, Neil
            Stricklin, Hut

Alabama International Motor Speedway; SEE Talladega Superspeedway

Alan Kulwicki Racing; SEE ALSO
            Bodine, Geoffrey
            Hensley, Jimmy
            Hooters of America, Inc.
            Kulwicki, Alan
            Sabates, Felix

Alaska, Racing in

Albany-Saratoga Speedway

Alcohol Advertising; SEE Liquor Advertising

Alcohol as a Fuel

Alexander, Blaise

Alexander, Mike 

Alfredo, Anthony

All American Speedway

All-Pro Awards

All Pro Racing Association

All-Star Race 

All-Star Racing; SEE ALSO
            All-Star Racing League
            Hendrick Motorsports

All-Star Racing League

All-Star Speedway

All-Star Super Series (NASCAR)

Allegheny Mower Racing Association (AMRA); SEE Lawnmower Racing

Allen, Bobby

Allen, Johnny

Allen, Loy Jr.

Allgaier, Justin

Allio, David

Allison, Bobby; SEE ALSO
            Alabama Gang
            Allison Family
            Bobby Allison Motorsports
            Stavola Brothers Racing Team

Allison, Clifford; SEE ALSO Allison Family

Allison, Davey; SEE ALSO
            Alabama Gang
            Allison Family

Allison, Donnie; SEE ALSO
            Alabama Gang
            Allison Family

Allison Family

Allison, Judy; SEE ALSO Allison Family

Allison Legacy Series

Allison, Liz; SEE ALSO Allison Family

Allison Motorsports; SEE Bobby Alllison Motorsports  

Allmendinger, A. J.

Almirola, Aric

Almond Family

Almond, Keith; SEE ALSO
            Almond Family
            Bobby Allison Motorsports

Alsup, A. J.

Alsup, Bill

Altamont Motorsports Park

Altoona Speedway

Alvarado,  Ricky

Alycon Speedway

Amati, Chuck

Amato, Joe; SEE ALSO Joe Amato Racing

Ambrose, Marcos

American Automobile Association; SEE ALSO Sanctioning Bodies

American-Canadian Tour

American Challenge Cup

American Drag Racing League

American Hot Rod Association

American Le Mans Series

American Motor Racing Association

American Motor Racing, Inc.; SEE Travis Carter Race Team

American Motors Corporation

American Racing Association 

American Racing League

American Small Car Series

American Speed Association; SEE ALSO NASCAR–Competitor Series

American Sprint Car Series; SEE ALSO Sprint Cars

American Stock Car Automobile Racing: SEE  ASCAR

American Stock Car League

America's Motorsports Park

Amick, George

Amick, Lyndon; SEE ALSO Team Amick

Amick, Red 

AMRA; SEE American Motor Racing Association

AMSOIL Speedway

Amusement Parks; SEE Theme Parks

Anderson, Becca 

Anderson, Cole

Anderson, Dick

Anderson, Jeff 

Anderson, John 

Anderson, Johnny 

Anderson, Jordan

Anderson, Randy 

Anderson, Shelly 

Anderson Speedway

Anderson, Wayne

Anderson, William

Andretti, Adam; SEE ALSO Andretti Family

Andretti Family; SEE ALSO
            Andretti, Adam
            Andretti, John
            Andretti, Mario

Andretti, John; SEE ALSO
            Andretti Family
            Petty Enterprises
            Yarborough, Cale

Andretti, Mario 

Andrews, Paul 

Andy Petree Racing 

Angela’s Motorsports 

Angell Park Speedway

Anger Management; SEE Drivers–Anger Management

Angola Motorsport Speedway


Annett, Michael

Announcers, Race; SEE Race Announcers

Antioch Speedway

Antitrust Issues; SEE NASCAR–Antitrust Issues

Appalachian State University; SEE Education Programs

Appearance Money

            Marcum, John
            NASCAR–Competitor Series

Arcade International Raceway

Archer, Leon

Ard, Sam 

Arena Racing USA

Argetsinger, Cameron

Arizona, Racing in

Arizona Speedway

Armstrong Family

Arnold Motorsports 

Arpin, Steve

Arre, Tim 

Arrington, Buddy 

Arrington, Joey 

Art; SEE ALSO Helmets

ART Racing

ARTGO Challenge Series 

ARTGO Racing

Arute, Jack; SEE ALSO Stafford Speedway

ASA; SEE American Speed Association


Ascot Park

ASCS; SEE American Sprint Car Series

ASCS2; SEE American Small Car Series

ASE; SEE National Service for Automotive Service Excellence

Ash Kan Derby

Asheville Motor Speedway 

Asheville, North Carolina; SEE ALSO
            Asheville Motor Speedway
            Asheville-Weaverville Speedway
            Racetracks-North Carolina

Asheville-Weaverville Speedway

Asian-Americans in Racing; SEE Minorities in Racing

AT&T vs. NASCAR; SEE ALSO Lawsuits

Atlanta International Raceway; SEE Atlanta Motor Speedway

Atlanta Motor Speedway

Atlanta Motorsports Park

Atlanta Speedway

Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall

Atlantic City Speedway 

Atomic Motor Speedway (Tennessee)

Atomic Speedway (Ohio)

Attendance; SEE Race Attendance

Attica Raceway Park

Atwood, Casey; SEE ALSO Evernham Motorsports

Aube, Jamie 

Auctions; SEE ALSO Collectibles

Augusta, Georgia 

Augusta International Raceway

Austin, Chase

Australia, Racing in; SEE ALSO V8 Supercars

Auto Club Speedway of Southern California; SEE ALSO California Speedway


Automobile Industry–History 

Automobile Manufacturers; SEE ALSO
            names of specific companies, ie, Ford
            Manufacturers' Council (NASCAR)

Autombile Manufacturers--Branding: SEE ALSO NASCAR--Branding

Automobile Manufacturers Championship–NASCAR

Automobile Manufacturers, Foreign; SEE ALSO names of specific companies, ie, Toyota

Automobile Manufacturers–Racing Support 

Automobile Racing Club of America; SEE ARCA

Automobile Racing--History

Automobile Racing–Psychological Aspects 

Automobile Racing–Sociological Interpretations; SEE ALSO Cultural Aspects

Automobile Sales; SEE ALSO Economic Impact

Automobile Transporters; SEE Transporters, Race Car

AutoZone Elite Division

Awards; SEE ALSO

Awards Dinner; SEE NASCAR–Annual Cup Awards Dinner

Ayers Family


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