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Clippings File Subject Guide for the Stock Car Racing Collection: Subjects C

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, C


Caanan Fair Speedway

Cactus Derby


Cagle, Will

Cain, Bobby

Caisse, Sean

Calder Park Thunder Dome

Caldwell, Kevin

California Racing Association 

California, Racing in: SEE ALSO
            names of specific tracks, ie, California Speedway
            other topics under this heading

California, Racing in–History; SEE ALSO
            names of specific tracks, ie, Carrell Speedway
            Pacific Racing Association

California Speedway

Cameron, Bob

Cameras, In-Car; SEE ALSO Television Broadcasting

Campbell, Clay

Campbell, Kenneth; SEE ALSO Hensley Racing

Campbell, Red 

Campbell, Wally

Campey, Jeff 

Camping World Truck Series; SEE ALSO Craftsman Truck Series

Can-Am Motorsports Park

Can-Am Series; SEE Canadian-American Challenge Series

Cannabis Advertising

Canada, Racing in; SEE ALSO
            NASCAR–International Exposure

Canadian-American Challenge Series 

Canadian Association for Stock Car Racing; SEE CASCAR

Canadian Motor Speedway

Canadian Tire Series

Canandaigua Motorsports Park

Caney Valley Speedway

Cannon, Scotty  

Capital Raceway

Capital Speedway; SEE Madison International Speedway

Capitani, Ralph; SEE ALSO Knoxville Raceway

Car Chiefs; SEE ALSO Crew Chiefs

Car Decals; SEE Decals, Car

Car Inspection; SEE Race Car Technical Inspection

Car Numbers

Car of Tomorrow; SEE ALSO Race Cars–Templates

Car Set-Up; SEE
            Race Car Set-Up
            Restrictor Plate Racing

Car Technical Inspection; SEE Race Car Technical Inspection

Caraway Speedway

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning; SEE ALSO Safety

Carden, Billy

Carey, Bob 

Carlson, Steve

Carlton, Don

Carmichael, Rickey

Carnegie, Tom

Carolina Motorsports Park

Carolina Posse

Carolina Speedway

Carpentier, Patrick

Carrell Speedway

Carrera, La; SEE Road Racing–Mexico

Carrier, Larry; SEE Bristol Motor Speedway

Carroll, Lynn

Carroll Racing; SEE Hamilton, Bobby Jr.


CART; SEE Championship Auto Racing Teams

Carter, Luther

Carter, Pancho

Carter, Rags

Carter, Travis; SEE ALSO
            Haas/Carter Motorsports
            Travis Carter Race Team

Carteret County Speedway

Cartoons; SEE ALSO Humor

Caruth, Rajah


Cassill, Landon       

Castles, Neil “Soapy” 

Catania, Bill

Catlett, Larry 

Catlin, Russ  

Caution Flags

CBD; SEE Cannabis Advertising

Cedar Lake Speedway 

Celebrations, Post-Race; SEE Post-Race Celebrations

Celebrities and Racing; SEE ALSO
            Politicians and Racing
            names of specific people, ie, Newman, Paul

Central New York Raceway Park

Century Club  

Chamberlain, Gerald

Chambers, Matt 

Champ Cars

Champ Dirt Car Racing 

Champion, Bill 

Champion, Cliff

Champion Raceway; SEE Bowman Gray Stadium

Champion Racing Association

Championship Auto Racing Teams

Chapman, Tommy

Chapman's Can-Am Motorsports Park; SEE Can-Am Motorsports Park

Charitable Activities; SEE ALSO
            Victory Junction Gang Camp
            Women’s Auxiliary of Motorsports

Charland, Rene

Charlotte County Motorsports Park

Charlotte Motor Speedway; SEE ALSO
            Coca-Cola 600
            Howard, Richard
            Indy Racing League
            Midget Auto Racing
            Smith, Bruton
            Wheeler, H. A. “Humpy”
            Winston Race

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte Speedway; SEE ALSO Board Tracks

Charter System (NASCAR)

Chase for the Cup; SEE
            Nextel Cup Series
            Sprint Cup Series    

Chase Format     

Chase, Mike 

Cheating ; SEE ALSO
            NASCAR-Policing the Sport
            Race Teams--Orders to Drivers

Cheek, Tru

Chernokal, Walt 

Cherokee Garage; SEE Hester, Billie

Cherokee Speedway

Cherry, Tom

Chevalier Family

Chevrolet; SEE ALSO
            Chevrolet, Louis
            Chevrolet Motorsports
            Fishel, Herb
            General Motors
            Piggins, Vince

Chevrolet, Louis

Chevrolet Motorsports; SEE ALSO Chevrolet

Chicago International Amphitheater

Chicago Motor Speedway

Chicago, Races in; SEE ALSO
            Chicago International Amphitheater
            Chicago Motor Speedway
            Chicago Speedway
            Chicagoland Speedway

Chicago Speedway 

Chicagoland Speedway 

Children–Racing; SEE ALSO
            Micro Stock Car Racing
            Quarter Midget Racing

Childress, Richard; SEE ALSO Richard Childress Racing

Chimney Rock Hillclimb

Chip Ganassi Racing; SEE ALSO
            Ganassi, Chip
            Leffler, Jason

Chitwood, Joie

Choquette, Jack

Christian, Sara 

Christopher, Ted 

Chrysler Corporation; SEE ALSO
            Kiekhaefer, Carl

Chrysler 300; SEE
             Chrysler Corporation
             Kiekhaefer, Carl

Church, Jody

Church, George 

Church, Tyler

Cicci, Frank 

Cicci-Welliver Racing; SEE ALSO
            Cicci, Frank
            Parker, Hank Jr.
            Welliver Racing

Cincinnati Race Bowl 

Cindric, Austin

Circuit of the Americas

Circle Bar Racing 

Circle M Ranch Speedway

Cirillo, Larry 

Clanton, Joey 

Claremont Speedway

Clark, Art

Clark, Chris

Clark, Jim

Clark, Johnny

Clark, Spencer

Clay Andrews Racing

Clay County Fairgrounds

Clay Valley Speedway

Clearfield Speedway; SEE Raceway Park Clearfield PA

Cleary, Leo

Clements, Jeremy

Clements, Louis 

Cleveland County Fairgrounds; SEE Historic Cleveland County Fair Speedway

Cleveland, Ohio, Racing in; SEE Ohio, Racing in

Clinard, Tommie

Clinton County Speedway; SEE
            Racing for Heroes Raceway
            Selinsgrove Speedway

Clinton Speedway (Iowa)

Cactus Derby

Cloce, Ed

Cloce, Tommy

Close, Lou

Cloverleaf Speedway

CNB Bank Raceway Park

Coastal Speedway

Coby, Doug

Cobb, Jennifer Jo


Coca-Cola 600; SEE ALSO
            Charlotte Motor Speedway
            Memorial Weekend Racing
            Night Racing

Cochran motor Speedway

Coleman, Brad

Colella, T. C.

Coles, Ken

Collectibles; SEE ALSO

Collegiate Involvement in Racing; SEE ALSO
            Collegiate Sponsors
            Education Programs

Collegiate Sponsors; SEE ALSO
            Collegiate Involvement in Racing

Colorado National Speedway

Colorado, Racing in

Colton, Bob; SEE ALSO Soft Walls

Colturi, Gary

Columbia Speedway

Columbus Speedway

Columbus Super Speedway 

Colvin, Bob

Combs, Dean

Combs, Rodney 

Comic Books, Strips, Etc.

Communication; SEE
            Race Teams--Communication
            Radios, In-Car       

Competitive Racing; SEE ALSO NASCAR–Competitive Racing

Compton, H. Lewis

Compton, Stacy; SEE ALSO Melling Racing

Computer Racing; SEE Simulated Racing


Comstock, Howard 

Concessions; SEE Racetrack Concessions

Concord Motor Speedway; SEE Concord Motorsport Park

Concord Motorsport Park

Concussions; SEE Medical Treatment

Confederate Flag

Conley, Delmas

Connell, Bill 

Connor, Dennis

Connor, George

Connors, Paul 

Conrad, Vince

Consumer Products; SEE
            NASCAR–Consumer Products

Continental Divide Raceways 

Contracts; SEE Drivers–Contracts

Contreras, Carlos 

Convertible Races; SEE ALSO Daytona Beach, Races on

Conway, Kevin

Cook, Jerry

Cook, Jim

Cook, Ray

Cook, Terry

Cooper, Ronald

Cooper, Stanley Ray

Cooperation; SEE Race Teams-Cooperative Ventures

Coos Bay Speedway

Cope, Derrick 

Copyright Guidelines

Corbin Motor Speedway

Corellis, Tommy

Corey, Pete

Corporate Exposure; SEE ALSO
            Corporate Sponsors
            Corporate Sponsors–Conflicts
            Drivers and Public Relations
            Product Endorsement

Corporate Sponsors; SEE ALSO
            Corporate Exposure
            Cost of Racing
            Government Sponsors
            Liquor Advertising
            Military Sponsors
            NASCAR–Corporate Relations
            NASCAR-Sponsor Conflicts
            NASCAR–Title Sponsors
            Ride Buying
            Sponsorship Marketing
            Tobacco Advertising
            other headings in this section, ie, Corporate Sponsors–Busch Series
            Names of specific sponsors, ie, Du Pont

Corporate Sponsors–Busch Series 

Corporate Sponsors–Conflicts

Corporate Sponsors–Racetracks 

Corr, Sean

Cost of Racing; SEE ALSO
            Corporate Sponsors
            Economic Aspects
            NASCAR–Economic Aspects
            Race Teams–Economic Aspects

Cotter, Tom 

Coulter, Joey

Country Clubs and Motorsports; SEE Motorsports Parks, Private

Coventry Rally; SEE Vintage Race Cars

COVID-19 Virus

Cowart, Delma

Coweta Raceway

Cox, Marion C. 

Coyle, Bobby

Cozze,  Frank

CRA; SEE Champion Racing Association

Crafton, Matt 

Craftsman Truck Series; SEE ALSO Camping World Truck Series 

Cram, Kevin 

Cramer, Ann


Crashes; SEE ALSO
            Danger of Auto Racing
            Deaths, Track

Crate Engines

Crater, Larry

Craven, Ricky; SEE ALSO PPI Motorsports

Crawford, Ray

Crawford, Rick

Crawley, Tim

Crew Chiefs; SEE ALSO
            Car Chiefs
            Driver and Crew Chief Pairings
            Pit Crews
            Race Teams–Crews
            names of specific crew chiefs

Crider, Curtis “Crawfish” 

Crider, Duane "Critter"

Crisp, Floyd 

Croatia, Racing in

Crocker, Erin 

Crockett, Larret

Cronquist, Mark 

Crosby, Kim 

Crosley Automobile

Crouch, Junior

Crouch, Robbie

Crouse, Ed

Crowd Control; SEE Racetracks–Security

Crozier, Nelson

Crum, Jake

Crystal Raceway 

Cultural Aspects; SEE ALSO
            Automobile Racing–Sociological Interpretations
            Drivers–Geographic Origin

Cumberland Speedway

Curb-Agajanian Motorsports 

Curb, Mike; SEE ALSO Curb-Agajanian Motorsports

Curley, Tom

Cursing; SEE ALSO        
             Drivers--On-Track Behavior

Curtis, Ed 

Cushman, Jim

Custer, Cole

Cutler, Lee

Cywinski, Kevin 

Czech Republic, Racing In; SEE International Stock Car Racing


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