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Clippings File Subject Guide for the Stock Car Racing Collection: Subjects H

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, H


Haas CNC Racing

Haas, Carl

Haas, Gene 

Haas/Carter Motorsports; SEE ALSO
            Carter, Travis
            Haas CNC Racing
            Haas, Gene

Hackel, Bob

Hagan, Billy

Hagerstown Speedway

Hales Corners Speedway

Half Midget Racing 

Hall, Barney

Hall Family 

Hall of Fame Racing

Hall, Shane; SEE ALSO Hensley Racing

Halls of Fame; SEE
            names of specific organizations, ie, North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame, NASCAR Hall of Fame, etc.

Hamby, Roger 

Hamilton, Bobby; SEE ALSO
            Andy Petree Racing
            Bobby Hamilton Racing
            Hamilton Family
            Morgan-McClure Motorsports

Hamilton, Bobby Jr.; SEE ALSO Hamilton Family

Hamilton, Chuck 

Hamilton Family; SEE ALSO
            Hamilton, Bobby
            Hamilton, Bobby Jr.

Hamilton, Lewis

Hamilton, Pete 

Hamlet, Butch

Hamlin, Denny

Hamlin, Kevin; SEE ALSO Precision Products Racing

Hamm, Freddy

Hammer, Don

Hammerdown Speedway

Hammond, Jeff 

Hammonds, Tom

Hampton, Andy

Hamrick, Hal

Hanaford, Harold

Hand Signals (Rules) 


Handley, George III 

Hanks, Sam 

Hanley, Edward “Junior” 

HANS Device; SEE Head and Neck Restraint Devices

Hansen, Jerry 

Hansen, Scott

Harb, Fred

Hardeeville Motor Speedway

Hardy, Charles

Hargett, Gary

Harkness, Fatemeh Angela; SEE Angela’s Motorsports

Harmon, Bob 

Harmon, Mike

Harmony Speedway

Harpell, Andrew

Harraka, Paulie

Harrington, Neal

Harrington, Robert

Harris, Mike

Harris, Rock

Harris, Runt

Hartford Motor Speedway

Hartman, Butch

Harty, Marty

Harvick, DeLana

Harvick, Kevin; SEE ALSO Kevin Harvick, Inc.

Harville, Charlie

Harwell, Susan

Harwi, Otto

Haskins, Darrell

Hassler, Friday

Hatfield Speedway

Haulers; SEE Transporters, Race Car

Havasu 95 Speedway

Hawkeye Downs Speedway

Hawkins, Eloise

Hawkins, Jeff

Hayes, Johnny

Hayes, Rich

Hayfork Speedway

Haywood, Hurley

Head and Neck Restraint Devices; SEE ALSO

Head Games; SEE Automobile Racing–Psychological Aspects

Head, Mike

Headen Family

Health Issues; SEE ALSO
            Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
            Hearing Loss
            Insurance Policies
            Occupational Stress
            Physical Fitness

Hearing Loss

Hearn, Bobby

Hearn, Brett

Hearne, Gil

Hearst, Tom

Heckenast, Frank Jr.

Hedrick, Larry

Hedrick Motorsports

Hehr, Karl

Heidelberg Raceway

Heinke, Al

Helen Rae Special; SEE ALSO
            Barkdoll, Phil
            Bodine, Geoffrey

Helfrich, Tommy

Hell Drivers; SEE ALSO Chitwood, Joie

Hell Tour


Helton, Max; SEE
            International Motorsport Services
            Motor Racing Outreach

Helton, Mike

Helton, Randy

Hemby, Bill 

Hemi Engines; SEE Engines, Hemi

Hemphill, Ryan

Hemric, Daniel

Hendenberg, Don

Henderson, Charlie

Henderson, Joe

Henderson Motorsports

Hendrick Motorsports; SEE ALSO
            Dorton, Randy
            Gordon, Jeff
            Hendrick, Rick

Hendrick, “Papa Joe;” SEE Hendrick Motorsports

Hendrick, Ray

Hendrick, Rick; SEE ALSO Hendrick Motorsports

Hendrick, Ricky

Hendrickson, Jimmy

Henell, Verta

Hensley, Jimmy

Hensley Racing

Heotzler, Jeff

Herb Harvey Speedway

Herbert, Doug

Herbst, Riley

Heritage Motorsports

Herrington, Daniel

Herta, Bryan; SEE Team Rahal

Herzog Motorsports; SEE Herzog Jackson Motorsports

Herzog Jackson Motorsports; SEE ALSO Jackson, Reggie

Hess, Ben

Hesser, Bob

Hesston Speedway

Hester, Billie

Heveron, Doug

Hewitt, Doug

Hialeah Speedway

Hickory Motor Speedway

Hicks, Tommy

Higgins, Tom

High Rock International Raceway

Highland Rim Speedway

Highway Safety; SEE Racing and Highway Safety

Hildreth, Elton

Hill, Bruce

Hill, Garry

Hill, Mike; SEE ALSO
            Junior Johnson Race Team
            Spencer, Jimmy

Hill, Ray

Hill, Roger

Hill, Vic

Hillbilly 100

Hillclimbs; SEE ALSO specific events, ie, Chimney Rock Hillclimb

Hillenberg, Andy

Hillin, Bobby; SEE ALSO Stavola Brothers Racing Team

Hillin, Bobby Jr.

Hillman, MIke

Hilltop Speedway

Hinchliffe Stadium

Hines, Tracy

Hinkle, Jack

Hinkley, Speed

Hinnershitz, Tommy

HIrschman, Matt

Hirschman, Tony

Hiscock, Silas

Historic Cleveland County Fair Speedway

Historic Race Cars; SEE
            Vintage Race Cars
            names of specific drivers, ie, Yarborough, Cale

Historic Stock Car Racing Association

History ; SEE ALSO
            Daytona Beach, Races on
            Dirt Track Racing
            National Stock Car Racing Association (NSCRA)
            Sanctioning Bodies

Hmiel, Shane

Hmiel, Steve

Hoag, Dutch

Hobbs, Sunny

Hockett, Jesse

Hodge, Howie

Hodgdon, Warner

Hodson, David; SEE ALSO Impact Motorsports

Hoffman, Doug; SEE ALSO Mahoning Valley Speedway

Hoffman, Jim

Hogge Family

Holbert, Al

Holigan Racing

Holland, Bill

Holland Motor Sports Complex (New York)

Hollansworth, John Jr.

Holley, Armond

Holley, Aubrey

Holly, Harold

Hollywood Speedway

Holman, Caleb

Holman-Moody; SEE ALSO Moody, Ralph

Holmer, Phil

Holmes, Eric

Homestead-Miami Speedway

Holt, Randy

Homosexuality; SEE ALSO NASCAR--Diversity Programs

Hood, Ashley Force

Hood, Clarence

Hooters of America, Inc.; SEE ALSO
            Alan Kulwicki Racing
            Hooters ProCup Series
            Kulwicki, Alan

Hooters ProCup Series; SEE ALSO United Speed Alliance Racing, Inc.

Hopkins Family

Hopper, Ed

Horn, Ted

Hornaday, Ron

Hornish, Sam Jr.

Horton, Jimmy

Hossfeld, Chuck 

Hot Rod Racing; SEE ALSO
            American Hot Rod Association
            International Hot Rod Association
            National Hot Rod Association

Hotel Prices; SEE Event Prices

Hough, Lin

Hough, Roscoe “Pappy”

Householder, Ronnie

Houston, Andy; SEE ALSO
            Herzog Jackson Motorsports
            PPI Motorsports

Houston Raceway Park

Houston, Tommy

Howard, D. J.

Howard, Richard; SEE ALSO Charlotte Motor Speedway

Howard, Roz (Rozwell Roe)

Howe, Ed

Hower, Chubby

Howes, Ken

Hoyt, Phil

Huartson, Craig

Hudson Hornet

Huffman, Dwight

Huffman, John

Huffman, Robert

Huffman, Stanley D.

Hughes, Morgan

Hulman, Mari


Humphrey, Danielle

Hunt, Dick

Hunt, J. W.

Hunt, Johnny

Hunt, T. C.

Hunter, Don

Hunter, Jim; SEE ALSO Darlington Raceway

Huntsville Motor Speedway

Hurtubise, Jim

Hutchens, Bobby

Hutcherson, Dick; SEE ALSO Rookie Drivers

Hutchins, Sonny

Hutchison, Randy

Hyde, Harry; SEE ALSO Hendrick Motorsports

Hydrick, Don

Hylton, James 

Hyneman, Glenn


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