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Clippings File Subject Guide for the Stock Car Racing Collection: Subjects W-Z

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, W-Z


Wade, Bill

Waid, Steve

Walker, Derick

Walker, Tyler

Wall, Al

Wall, John

Wall Stadium

Wall Township Speedway; SEE Wall Stadium

Wallace, Bob

Wallace, Bubba; SEE Wallace, Darrell

Wallace, Darrell

Wallace Family

Wallace, Kenny; SEE ALSO
            Eel River Racing
            Innovative Motorsports
            Wallace Family

Wallace, Mike; SEE ALSO Wallace Family

Wallace, Rusty; SEE ALSO
            Penske Motorsports, Inc.
            Wallace Family

Wallace, Steve; SEE ALSO Wallace Family

Walls, Tony

Walt Disney World Speedway

Walters, Phil

Walther, Jim

Waltrip, Bobby

Waltrip, Darrell; SEE ALSO
            Darrell Waltrip Motorsports
            DarWal Racing Team
            DiGard Racing
            Goodwood Festival of Speed
            Junior Johnson Race Team

Waltrip, Michael

Wangerin, Blackie

Wanke, Fred

Ward, Jeff

Ward, Jerome

Ward, Kevin Jr. SEE ALSO Stewart, Tony

Ward, Pat

Ward, Rodger

Ware Shoals Dragway

Warren, Bentley

Warren, Gayle

Warren, Leon “Al”

Warren, Phil

Warren, Smokey

Warren, T. Taylor

Washington Erving Motorsports

Washington–Racetracks; SEE Racetracks–Washington (State)

Waterford Speed Bowl

Watkins Glen International

Watson, Charlie

Wayne County Speedway


Weatherly, Joe

Webb, Bill

Webb, Gary

Webb, J. Elsie; SEE ALSO North Carolina Motor Speedway

Weber, Bill

Wedge; SEE Race Car Set-Up

Weedon, Ronnie

Weedsport Speedway

Weekly Racing Series; SEE
            Dodge Weekly Racing Series
            Local Racing
            NASCAR Weekly Racing Series

Wegner, Carl

Wehrly, John; SEE Chrysler Corporation

Wehrs, Larry

Welborn, Bob

Weld, Greg

Weld, Kenny

Wellens, Kenny

Welliver Racing

Wellmon, Bobby

Wells, Cal; SEE ALSO PPI Motorsports

West Capital Raceway

West Coast Stock Car Hall of Fame

West Haven Speedway

West Liberty Speedway

West Palm Beach Speedway

West Virginia Motor Speedway

West Virginia,Racetracks in; SEE Racetracks–West Virginia

Western Racing Association

Whaley, Amanda

Wheeler, H. A. “Humpy”; SEE ALSO
            Charlotte Motor Speedway
            Smith, Bruton

Wheeler, Patti

Whelen All-American Series

Whelan Engineering

Whelen Modified Tour

Whelen Southern Modified Tour; SEE Whelen Modified Tour

Whip City Speedway

Whiskey Ridge Speedway

Whitaker, Ed

Whitcomb Racing; SEE Bob Whitcomb Racing

White, Derek

White, Don

White, Gene

White, Jenny

White, Johnny

White Lake Speedway; SEE Bethel Motorsports Park

White Mountain Motorsports Park

White, Rex

Whitehurst, Amy

Whitesell, Brian; SEE Hendrick Motorsports

Whitley, Mark

Whitley Motorsports

Whitlock, Joe

Whitmer, Buck

Whitney Motorsports

Whitt, Brandon

Whitt, Cole

Whittemore Speedway

Whittington Family

Whynot Speedway; SEE Whynot Motorsports Park

Wiarda, Mike

Wickham, Warren

Wiggins, Charlie

Wilberg, Bobby

Wilburn, Bill

Wilkinson, John III

Will, Williard “Willie”

Willamette Speedway

Willard, Bill

Willard, Kelly "Nub"

Willard, Tammy

Williams, Chip

Williams, Deb

Williams, Denise; SEE Flagmen

Williams, Don

Williams, Emory

Williams Family

Williams Grove Speedway

Williams, Lisa

Williams, Mert

Williams, Ray

Williams, Raymond; SEE Independent Drivers

Williams, Richard “Chip”

Williams, Richard N.

Williams, Ricky

Williamson, Mat

Williamson, Tim

Willingham, Haskell

Wilskey, Shawna

Wilson, Angie

Wilson, Desire

Wilson, Don

Wilson, Jackie

Wilson, Ken

Wilson, Rick

Wilson, Shane

Wilson, Spencer

Wilson, Travis

Wilson, Waddell

Wilshire, George

Wimbish Jerry

Wimble, Bill

Wimmer, Scott

Winchester Speedway

Wind Tunnels

Winfield, Ed

Wing Cars


Winston All-Pro Series

Wiinston Cup Series

Winston Cup Series--Cars

Winston Cup Series--Schedule

Winston Cup Series--Statistics

Winston No Bull Five

Winston Race

Winston Racing Series


West Series

Winston Western 500

Wiscasset Speedway

Wisconsin Dirt Late Model Association

Wisconsin, Racing in

Wise, Herman

Wise, Josh



Wlodyka, Roland

Wolf, Joe

Wolfe, Paul

Wolstenhulme, Dick

Women in Racing

Women's Auxiliary of Motorsports

Wood Brothers

Wood Brothers Racing

Wood, Glen

Wood, Jon

Wood, Kevin

Wood, Leonard

Wood, Ray Lee

Wood, Russ

Wood, Vicki

Woodhull Raceway

Woods, Hayden

Woolley, gordon

World Dirt Racing League

World of Outlaws

World Racing Group

Worley, David "Satch"

Worsham and Fink Racing

Worsham, Chuck

Worsham, Del

Wrestling and Auto Racing

Wright, Bob

Wright, Crocky

Wright, Pete

Wyatt, Jay

Wyoming County International Speedway

Wyoming, Racing in

Wythe Raceway







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