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Clippings File Subject Guide for the Stock Car Racing Collection: Subjects B

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, B



B. F. Goodrich

Babb, Hugh 

Babb, Pete

Babb, Shannon

Baby Grand Division 

BACE Motorsports; SEE ALSO Raines, Tony

Bachetti, Andy

Bachman, Bill

Bacon, Brady

Badger Midget Auto Racing Association

Bagley, Morgan

Bagwell, Charlie 

Bahari Racing;  SEE ALSO Rider, Chuck

Bahre, Bob; SEE ALSO New Hampshire International Speedway

Bahre, Dick 

Bailey, Dick

Bailey, H. B. (Herring Burl) 

Baird, Bill

Baja 1000

Baker, Brandon; SEE Baker Family

Baker, Bryan; SEE Baker Family

Baker, Buck; SEE ALSO Baker Family

Baker, Buddy; SEE ALSO Baker Family

Baker, Erwin “Cannonball”

Baker Family; SEE ALSO
            Baker, Buck
            Baker, Buddy

Baker, Gary 

Baker, Jim

Baker, Randy; SEE Baker Family

Baker, Wesley

Balash, Joe

Balboa Stadium

Balcaen, Mike

Baldrey, Terry

Baldwin, Ivan

Baldwin, Tommy 

Ball, Art

Ball, Dale

Ball, Walter

Ballantine, Bob

Ballard, Walter

Balough, Gary

Baltes, Earl; SEE ALSO Eldora Speedway

Baltimore-Washington Speedway

Balzano, Mike

BAM Racing 

Bandimore Speedway 

Bandolero Racing; SEE ALSO Children–Racing

Bang Racing

Banking, Track; SEE Racetracks–Banking

Barfield, Ron 

Barker, Robert “Bootie” 

Barker, Ron 

Barkdoll, Phil 

Barnes, Annabeth

Barnes, Jeanne

Barnett, Jerry 

Barren County Speedway

Barrett, Charlie

Barrett, Stanton

Barrett, Tommy Jr.

Bartus, Sam

Bass, Henry

Bass, Sam

Batson, Gary

Battleground Speedway

Batycki, Lenny

Bay Cities Racing Association

Bay Meadows Racecourse

Bayne, Trevor

Beach Racing; SEE Daytona Beach, Races on

Beadle, Raymond 

Beale, Al Sr. 

Beam, Herman “The Turtle”

Beam, Mike; SEE ALSO
            Junior Johnson Race Team
            PPI Motorsports

Bear Ridge Speedway

Beatriz, Ana

Beaty, Dick

Beavers, Sammy

Beckley Motorsports Park

Beddingfield, Dan

Bedford Speedway

Beebe, Jack 

Beech Bend Raceway

Beech Ridge Motor Speedway

Beechler, Donnie 

Beer Advertising; SEE Liquor Advertising

BelCar Racing 

Bell, Christopher

Bell, Mike 

Belle Isle Park Raceway

Belleville High Banks; SEE ALSO Midget Auto Racing

Belmont, Andy

Belnavis, Sam 

Beltsville Speedway

Bemidji Speedway

Benfield, Henry

Benfield Racing Team 

Benner Family

Bennett, Brad

Bennett, Lowell

Benson, Johnny 

Bergen, Gene

Berggren, Dick

Berlin Raceway

Bernstein, Kenny; SEE ALSO King Racing

Berrier, Ed

Berrier, Max

Berrier, Todd; SEE ALSO Richard Childress Racing

Berry, Bill

Berry, Josh

Berry, Tom

Bertling, Jack

Besecker, Gene

Bessey, Joe

Bessey, Nancy

Bethel Motor Speedway

Bethel Motorsports Park; SEE Bethel Motor Speedway

Betteridge, Bill

Betting; SEE Gambling

Beverley, Tim 

Beyer, Donald Sr.

BH Motorsports 

Bickerstaff, Jim

Bickle, Rich; SEE ALSO ST Motorsports

Biederman, Don

Bierschwale, Eddie

Biffle, Greg

Big Country Speedway

Big Daddy Speedway

Big Diamond Speedway (Pennsylvania)

Big Diamond Speedway (New Jersey)

Bigelow Field 

Bilenstrup, roy

Bill Davis Racing; SEE ALSO Burton, Ward

Bill McKay’s Los Angeles Speedway; SEE Ascot Park

Binks, Dan

Binyon, Bob

Birchwale, Carol

Bird, Steve

Birmingham International Raceway 

Birrane, Martin; SEE Team Ireland

Bismarck Speedway

BK Racing

Black American Racers Association

Black Hills Speedway 

Black Rock Speedway

Blackburn, Bunkie

Blacks in Racing; SEE
            Black American Racers Association
            Drivers, African-American
            Minorities in Racing
            names of specific people, ie, Scott, Wendell
            names of specific teams, ie, Herzog Jackson Motorsports

Blackstock, Hugh

Blackwell, Pete

Blackwell, Tom

Blair, Bill

Blaney, Dale

Blaney, Dave

Blaney Family

Blaney, Lou

Blaney, Ryan

Blankenship, David

Blanket Hill Speedway

Bkewettm Jimmy

Blewett, John III

Blickensderfer, Drew

Bliss, Mike 

Bloomington Speedway             

Bloomquist, Scott

Bloomsburg Fair Raceway

Blount, Chad

Bluegrass Speedway

Blundy, Jerry

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, B

BMP Speedway

Board Tracks; SEE ALSO
            names of specific tracks, ie, Charlotte Speedway

Boardwalk Hall; SEE Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall

Bob Whitcomb Racing

Bobby Allison Motorsports; SEE ALSO Allison, Bobby

Bobby Hamilton Racing; SEE ALSO
            Hamilton, Bobby
            Lester, Bill
            Pressley, Robert

Bobby Labonte Racing

Bobsleds and Racing Technology

Bodine, Brett; SEE ALSO King Racing

Bodine, Eric

Bodine Family

Bodine, Geoffrey; SEE ALSO Bobsleds and Racing Technology

Bodine, Todd; SEE ALSO Herzog Jackson Motorsports

Boggs, Jack

Boggs, Randy 

Bohn, Danny

Bohn Family

Bohn, Parker

Bond, Russ

Bone Stadium

Bonebrake, Denny

Bonner, Phil

Bonnett, Neil; SEE ALSO Alabama Gang

Bonneville Salt Flats

Booher, Joe

Booth, Clyde

Bootlegging; SEE
            Distilling, Illicit
            Moonshine Cars

Borland, Matt 

Borger's Speedway

Bostick, Richard

Boswell Family 

Bouchard, Ken

Bouchard, Ron 

Bowling Green Speedway

Bowman, Alex

Bowman Gray Stadium; SEE ALSO
          Brown, Tim
          Myers, Burt

Bown, Chuck 

Bown, Jimmy 

Bowsher, Jack

Bowyer, Clint 

Bowyer Family

Boycotts; SEE ALSO Labor Unions

Boyd's Speedway

"Boys Have At It" Policy; SEE
            Drivers--On-Track Behavior

Bower, Nicole

Brack, Bobby 

Brack, Kenny 

Bracket Racing

Brackey, Bruno

Bradberry, Charlie 

Bradford Speedway

Bradshaw, George; SEE ALSO TriStar Motorsports

Braig, Robin 

Brainerd International Raceway 

Brake Systems 

Brand Loyalty; SEE Fans--Sponsor Loyalty

Brandel, Norma "Dusty"

Branding; SEE
            Automobile Manufacturers--Branding

Brannon, Drew

Brantley, Bruce

Brasington, Harold; SEE ALSO Darlington Raceway

Brazier, Johnny 

Breed, Glenn

Brenn, Ken Jr.

Brevak Racing Team 

Brewco Motorsports

Brewer, Tim 

Brewerton Speedway

Brickhouse, Richard 

Brickyard 400; SEE ALSO Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Bridgeport Raceway; SEE Bridgeport Speedway

Bridgeport Speedway

Briggs, Kenny

Brightbill, Kenny

Brightwood Driving Park

Brinkley, Ralph

Brisco, Frank

Briscoe, Chase

Bristol, Chris 

Bristol Dragway

Bristol International Raceway; SEE Bristol Motor Speedway

Bristol Motor Speedway; SEE ALSO Short Tracks

Bristol Raceway; SEE Bristol Motor Speedway

Brodrick, Bill 

Bronson Motor Speedway 


Brooks, Bob

Brooks, Dick

Brooks, Donald

Brooks, Earl Lee

Brooks, Paul

Brown, Allan E. 

Brown, Antron

Brown, Jonathan

Brown, L. Merritt 

Brown Motorsports, Inc.; SEE Brown, Tim

Brown, Perk 

Brown, Ray

Brown, Tim; SEE ALSO Bowman Gray Stadium

Brown, Wally Jr

Brownfield, Fred

Browning, Hal

Brownsburg, Indiana

Brownstown Speedway

Brucker, Stephen

Bruner, Johnny

Brunnhoelzel, George III

Bryar Motorsports Park

Bubak, Rich

Bubba Raceway Park

Buckles, Morty

Bud Moore Race Team; SEE ALSO  Moore, Bud  

Buddy Shuman Award; SEE Awards          

Buffalo Civic Stadium

Buick; SEE ALSO General Motors

Bullock, Noel; SEE Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb       

Bumgarner, Wayne 

Bump Drafting; SEE Driving Tactics

Bumping; SEE Driving Tactics

Bunn, Raymond “Hully” 

Burcham, Bob

Burchette, Amber Lynn

Burdette Family

Burke, Johnny Jr.

Burke, Steve

Burkhalter, Charlie

Burnett, James 

Burnette, Charlie

Burnouts; SEE Post-Race Celebrations

Burr, Raymond

Burton Family; SEE ALSO
            Burton, Harrison
            Burton, Jeff
            Burton, Ward      

Burton, Harrison; SEE ALSO Burton Family 

Burton, Jeb; SEE ALSO Burton Family

Burton, Jeff; SEE ALSO Burton Family

Burton, Ward; SEE ALSO
            Bill Davis Racing
            Burton Family

Busch Family; SEE ALSO
            Busch, Kurt
            Busch, Kyle

Busch Grand National Series; SEE ALSO
            Drivers–Participation in Multiple Racing Series
            Nationwide Series
            Xfinity Series
            other subjects with this heading

Busch Grand National Series–Race Schedule

Busch, Kurt   

Busch, Kyle

Busch North Series

Buschwackers; SEE
            Busch Grand National Series
            Drivers–Participation in Multiple Racing Series

Business Practices; SEE
            NASCAR–Business Practices
            NASCAR–Economic Aspects
            Race Teams–Economic Aspects

Butler, Brandon

Butler, Brett

Byrd, Christian

Byrd, Dave

Byrd, Jeff; SEE ALSO Bristol Motor Speedway

Byrnes, Steve

Byron, Red

Byron, William


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