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Clippings File Subject Guide for the Stock Car Racing Collection: Subjects E

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, E-F


Eades Family 

Eagle Raceway

Eagle River Speedway

Eagle Valley Speedway

Eaker, Gary 

Eanes, Henry Lee “Hinky” 

Earl, Harley 

Earles, H. Clay

Early, Wanda Lund

Earnhardt, Dale; SEE ALSO
            Car Numbers–NASCAR
            other headings in this section

Earnhardt, Dale–Death; SEE ALSO
            Richard Childress Racing–Earnhardt Life Insurance Policy

Earnhardt, Dale–Death–Autopsy Photos

Earnhardt, Dale–Death–Cause; SEE ALSO Simpson, Bill

Earnhardt, Dale, Jr. 

Earnhardt Family; SEE ALSO 
            subjects beginning with Earnhardt in this section
            names of specific individuals, ie, Elledge, Kelley Earnhardt

Earnhardt Ganassi Racing

Earnhardt, Jeffrey

Earnhardt, Kelley

Earnhardt, Kerry

Earnhardt, Ralph

Earnhardt, Teresa; SEE ALSO Dale Earnhardt, Inc.

Easley, Sonny

East Alabama Motor Speedway

East Bay Raceway Park

East, Bob

East, Bobby

East Lincoln Speedway

East Windsor Speedway

Eastern International Speedway

Eastern States 200

Eatwell Family

Ebay; SEE

Ebensburg Speedway

Eckert, Candy Jo

Economaki, Chris

Economic Aspects; SEE ALSO
            Cost of Racing
            NASCAR--Economic Aspects
            Race Teams--Economic Aspects

Economic Impact; SEE ALSO
            Automobile Sales
            other headings beginning with this subject

Economic Impact–North Carolina

Economic Impact–Virginia

Eddy, Mike

Edmonton International Raceway 

Education Programs 

Edwards, Carl 

Edwards, Lanny

Eel River Racing; SEE ALSO Wallace, Kenny

Eggleston, Scott; SEE ALSO Dale Earnhardt, Inc.

Elder, Christian 

Elder, Jake 

Elder, Ray 

Eldora Speedway; SEE ALSO
            Baltes, Earl
            Stewart, Tony

Electric Cars

Elias, Steve

Elkhart Lake; SEE Road America

Elledge, Jimmy; SEE ALSO Andy Petree Racing 

Elledge, Karsyn         

Elledge, Kelley Earnhardt

Eller, John

Ellington, Hoss        

Elliott, Bill; SEE ALSO Junior Johnson Race Team

Elliott, Casey 

Elliott, Chase

Elliott, Dan 

Elliott, Ernie 

Elliott, Harold

Elliott Marino Motorsports

Elliott, Stick

Ellis, Gene 

Ellis, Tommy 

Elson, Lance

Emerling-Gase Motorsports

Employment; SEE Jobs in Racing

Emrick, Bret

Enders, Erica

Endurance Races; SEE
            One Lap of America
            Road Racing
            Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona
            San Jose Speedway

Enduro Races 

Energy Crisis; SEE Gasoline Shortages

            Race Car Set-Up
            Race Car Technology

Engines; SEE ALSO
            Engine Rules–NASCAR
            Engines, Hemi
            Race Car Set-Up
            Race Car Technology
            Robert Yates Racing Engines

Engines, Hemi; SEE ALSO
             Engine Rules--NASCAR

England, Racing in; SEE
            Great Britain, Racing in
            International Stock Car Racing
Englett, Lanier

English, Terry

Entries, Race; SEE Race Entries

Environmental Issues; SEE ALSO
            Green Initiatives

Eorgan, Tom

Epright, Fritz

Erb, Dennis Jr.

Eriez Speedway 

Erwin, Greg

Eshelman, Rick

ESPN; SEE Television Broadcasting


Ethanol; SEE
            Green Initiatives

Etheridge, Jack 

European Motorsport Park & Rally School

European Stock Car Racing; SEE 
            International Stock Car Racing

Eury, Tony Sr.; SEE ALSO Earnhardt, Dale Jr.

Eury, Tony Jr.; SEE ALSO Earnhardt, Dale Jr.

Evans, Garrett

Evans, Richie

Evans, Richie Jr. 

Evans, Rod

Evans Mills Speedway

Event Prices; SEE ALSO Fans

Everett, Bruce

Evergreen Speedway (New Jersey)

Evergreen Speedway (Pennsylvania)

Evernham Motorsports; SEE ALSO Evernham, Ray

Evernham, Ray; SEE ALSO
            Evernham Motorsports
            Gillett Evernham Motorsports


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