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Clippings File Subject Guide for the Stock Car Racing Collection: Subjects D

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, D


Dale Earnhardt, Inc.

Dallas Gang

Dallenback Family; SEE ALSO names of specific people

Dallenbach, Kate

Dallenbach, Wally 

Dallas International Motor Speedway

Damitz, Larry

Dana, Paul

Danbury RaceArena 


Daniels, Peter 

Danger in Auto Racing: SEE ALSO
            Deaths, Track

Darby, John

DARC; SEE Dixie Auto Racing Corporation

Darlington Raceway; SEE ALSO
            Hunter, Jim
            Southern 500

Darnell, Denny

Darnell, Erik

Darrell Waltrip Motorsports

DarWal Racing Team; SEE ALSO Waltrip, Darrell

Dash Series; SEE
            Goody’s Dash Series
            ISCARS Dash Series

Daugherty, Brad; SEE ALSO JTG Daugherty Racing

Daughtry, Dan

Davenport Speedway

David, Mike

Davidson, Donald

Davis, Bill; SEE ALSO Bill Davis Racing

Davis, Brandon

Davis, Dick

Davis, Marc

Davis, Mitch 

Davis Racing 

Davis, Willie 

Dawsonville, Georgia

Day, J. B.

Day, Jimmie (James Bolt)

Day, Shawn

Dayton Speedway

Daytona Beach, Races on; SEE ALSO Land Speed Record

Daytona 500

Daytona International Speedway; SEE ALSO
            Daytona 500
            Pepsi 400

Daytona Speedweeks

Daytona, 24 Hours at; SEE Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona

Daytona USA 

DDK Motorsports

de Silvestro, Simona

Deafness; SEE Hearing Loss

Dean, Brandon

Death, Psychological Effects

Deaths, Track; SEE ALSO
            Danger in Auto Racing
            Death, Psychological Effects

Decals, Car; SEE ALSO Paint Schemes, Car 

Decals, Promotional; SEE ALSO
            Advertising Samples
            Decals, Car

Deegan, Halie

Deer Creek Speedway

Deery, Hugh

DeHart, Brian; SEE Busch Grand National Series

DEI; SEE Dale Earnhardt, Inc.

Deiny, Frank Jr.

Delaney, Jim

Delaware International Speedway

DeLoach, Jerry

DePalma, Ralph

DePaolo, Peter

Desert Thunder Raceway

Desilvestro, Simona; SEE de Silvestro, Simona

DeSoto Parish Airport

Desoto Speedway

Despain, Dave 

Detroit (Michigan), Races in

Devil’s Bowl Speedway

Devine, Bob

Dewar, Brent

Deware, Scott 

de Witt, L. G. 

DeWitt, Gene

DeWitt, Lindsey

DeWitt, Ray and Diane; SEE ALSO RaDiUs Motorsports

D’Hondt, Eddie

Diamond Dave Racing 

DiBenedetto, Matt

Dick Simon Racing; SEE ALSO Simon, Dick

Dickerson, Eddie; SEE ALSO Hendrick Motorsports

Dickey, Michelle

Die-Cast Cars; SEE Collectibles

Dieringer, Darel 

Diffendorf, Don

DiGard Racing ; SEE ALSO Waltrip, Darrell

Dilbeck, Chris

Dillner, Bob

Dillard, A. G.

Dillon, Austin

Dillon, Mike

Dillon, Ty

Dion, Dave 

Dippel, Tyler

            DIRT Motorsports
            Drivers Independent Race Tracks

DIRT Motorsports

DIRT South 

Dirt Track Racing; SEE ALSO
            Champ Dirt Car Racing
            DIRT Motorsports, Inc.
            Dirt Tracks
            Drivers Independent Race Tracks
            Late Model Racing
            National Dirt Racing Association
            Southern United Professional Racing Series
            Super Modified Racing
            Tennessee Thunder DirtCar Series
            United Dirt Late Model Challenge Series
            United Dirt Track Racing Association
            names of specific tracks, ie, 311 Motor Speedway
            names of specific people, ie, Phillips, E. W. “Kingpin”

Dirt Tracks; SEE ALSO Dirt Track Racing

Discrimination, Racial; SEE Racial Discrimination

Discrimination, Sexual; SEE Sexual Discrimination

Distilling, Illicit

Distilling, Legal

Ditsch Brothers

Diversity in Racing; SEE
            Minorities in Racing
            Drivers, African-American
            Drivers, Female
            Drivers, Hispanic
            NASCAR--Diversity Programs
            Women in Racing

Dixie Speedway; SEE ALSO
            Swims, Mike

Dixon, Thee

Doar, Pat

Dobbins, Ronnie

Dodd Family

            Chrysler Corporation
            Dodge Motorsports
            Krauskopf, Nord

Dodge County Speedway

Dodge Motorsports; SEE ALSO
            Dodge Weekly Racing Series

Dodge Weekly Racing Series

Dodson, Barry

Dodson, Johnny

Dog Hollow Speedway

Dolan, Dick

Dolan, Roger

Dollar, David; SEE ALSO Morgan/Dollar Motorsports

Domestic Violence

Dominion Raceway

Don Schumacher Racing 

Donnelly, Glenn 

Donlavey, Junie; SEE ALSO Donlavey Racing

Donlavey Racing; SEE ALSO Donlavey, Junie

Donohue, Mark

Dorney Park Speedway 

Dorsey, Brian “Hippie” 

Dorsey Speedway

Dorton, Randy; SEE ALSO Hendrick Motorsports

Doss, Jeremy

Dotter, Bob 

Dotter, Bobby

Doty, Brad

Doty, Kevin

Double File Restarts; SEE Race Restarts

Douglas County Speedway

Douglas Motorsports Park

Douglas, Scott

Dover Downs; SEE Dover International Speedway

Dover International Speedway; SEE ALSO
            Joseph, Mel
            Rollins, John W. “Shorty”

Downing, Jim

Drafting; SEE ALSO
            Driving Tactics

Drag Racing; SEE ALSO
            Drag Racing Division (NASCAR)
            Funny Cars
            National Hot Rod Association

Drag Racing Division (NASCAR)

Drag Racing, Illegal 

Drager, Ron

Dragon Family 

Drama; SEE Theater

Dredge. Bill


Drinkwine, Dave

Driver and Crew Chief Pairings

Driver, Bruce

Driver Changes



Drivers, African-American


Drivers--Age Requirements

Drivers--Anger Management

Drivers and Public Relations

Drivers as Athletes

Drivers as Celebrities

Drivers as Role Models

Drivers--Business Investments





Drivers--Criminal Prosecution



Drivers--Eating During a Race


Drivers, Female


Drivers--Geographic Origin

Drivers, Hispanic

Drivers, Independent


Drivers--Insurance Policies

Drivers, International


Drivers--On-Track Behavior

Drivers--Participation in Multiple Racing Series

Drivers--Participation in Policy Making; SEE ALSO
     NASCAR--Drivers Advisory Council



Drivers, Physically Handicapped


Drivers--Political Activfities

Drivers, Pioneer (Georgia)

Drivers, Pioneer (Virginia)


Drivers--Privacy Issues

Drivers--Racing Backgrounds

Drivers, Recruitment of

Drivers--Relaxation and Recreation

Drivers, Relief




Drivers--Salaries, Benefits



Drivers--Traffic Violations

Drivers, Veteran; SEE ALSO
     Drivers, Pioneer

Driving Clugs

Driving Skills

Driving Tactics

Drug Use

Duck, Harvey

Dunlavey, Glenn

Duncan, Allison

Duncan, Jim

Dunlap, Andy

Dunlevy Family

Dunlevy, dick

Dunn Hill 2 Speedway


Dupuis, Renee

Dupuy, Wayne

DuQuoin State Fairgrounds

Duray, Leon

Duvall, Mike

Dwarf Cars

Dwyer, Clark

Dyer, Chanie

Dysinger, Jon








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