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Clippings File Subject Guide for the Stock Car Racing Collection: Subjects T

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, T



24 Hours of Le Mans

Tag-Team Racing; SEE ALSO Restrictor Plate Racing

Talladega, Alabama

Talladega Short Track

Talladega Superspeedway; SEE ALSO

Tandem Racing; SEE Tag-Team Racing

Tanner, Bill Jr.

Tappett, Ted; SEE Walters, Phil

Tarr, Don

Tasnady, Al

Tatum, Chuck

Taylor, Anita

Taylor, Nicki

Taylor, Steve

Teague, Brad

Teague, Marshall

Teal, Gene

Team Amick Motorsports ; SEE ALSO Amick, Lyndon

Team Franchises; SEE Franchises

Team Green

Team Ireland

Team Orders; SEE Race Teams--Orders to Drivers

Team Racing Auto Circuit; SEE TRAC

Team Rahal ; SEE ALSO Rahal, Bobby

Team Red Bull; SEE Red Bull Racing

Team Rensi Motorsports; SEE ALSO
            Mickel, John
            Tolsma, Randy

Team III Racing


Technology; SEE Race Car Technology

Teel, Diane

Television Broadcasting; SEE ALSO
            Cameras, In-Car
            Speed Channel
            Streaming Live
            Television Programs
            subheadings in this section

Television Broadcasting Revenues

Television Broadcasting Rights

Television Broadcasting in Spanish

Television Commentators; SEE ALSO Women in Racing

Television Programs; SEE ALSO Speed Channel

Television Ratings

Templates; SEE Race Cars–Templates

Tennessee, Racing in; SEE ALSO names of specific tracks, ie, Atomic Motor Speedway

Tennessee Thunder DirtCar Series

Terrorism; SEE
            Terrorist Attacks, September 2001

Terrorist Attacks, September 2001

Testing; SEE ALSO NASCAR–Rules

Teter, Earl M. “Lucky”

Tetzlaff, Teddy

Texas International Speedway

Texas Motor Speedway; SEE ALSO Ferko vs. NASCAR

Texas Pro Stock Racing Series

Texas, Racing in

Texas World Speedway

Thacher, Len


Theme Parks

Theriault, Austin

Theriault, Michelle; SEE ALSO Nesbitt Racing Enterprises

Thirkettle, Jim

Thomas, Hank

Thomas, Herb

Thomas, Jabe

Thomas, Jimmy

Thomas, M. Frank

Thomas, Ronnie

Thomasson, Jack B.; SEE Brown, Perk

Thompson, Alfred “Speedy”

Thompson, Bruce

Thompson, Dean

Thompson, Dick

Thompson, Jimmy

Thompson, Johnny

Thompson, Mickey

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

Thompson, Speedy

Thomson, Johnny

Thrap, Eddie

311 Motor Speedway; SEE ALSO Racetracks

Throop Racing

Thunder in the Dome Race; SEE Indoor Tracks

Thunder Mountain Speedway

Thunder Road International Speedbowl

Thunder Valley Speedway

Thunderbird Speedway

Thunderbolt Raceway

Thunderbowl Speedway

Ticket Prices; SEE
            Event Prices
            Ticket Scalping

Ticket Scalping

Tide Racing (Detergent); SEE Procter & Gamble

Tiedemann, George

Tilley, Ray

Timing, Race; SEE Race Timing

Tioga Speedway

Tire Doping: SEE Cheating

Tire Stagger; SEE Race Car Set-Up

Tires; SEE ALSO Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

TKO Motorsports; SEE ALSO Farris, Mike

TNT Speedway

Tobacco Advertising; SEE ALSO
            Liquor Advertising

Tobias, Dianne

Tobias, Dick

Tobias, Richie

Tobias, Ronnie

Tobias, Toby

Toledo Speedway

Tolsma, Randy

Tomaino, Jamie

Tomberlin, Don

Toreky, Bob

Touring Series; SEE ALSO names of specific series, ie, Southwest Tour Series

Townley, John Wes

Townsend, Don


Toyota All-Star Showdown

Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach; SEE Long Beach, Grand Prix of


Track Bars; SEE Race Car Technology

Track Preparation

Trackhouse Racing

Tracks; SEE
           Board Tracks  
           Dirt Tracks
            Indoor Tracks   
            Road Courses
            names of specific tracks, ie, Winchester Speedway
Tractor Pulls

Tracy, Paul

Traditions; SEE Indianapolis Motor Speedway–Traditions

Trail-Way Speedway

Trammell, Greg

Trans-Am Series

Transcontinental Races

Transporters, Race Car; SEE ALSO Transporters, Race Car–Driving Competition

Transporters, Race Car–Driving Competition

Travis Carter Race Team

Treichler, Merv

Tremont Family

Trenton International Speedway; SEE Trenton Speedway

Trenton Speedway

TRG Motorsports; SEE Racers’ Group

Tri-City Speedway

Tri-County Motor Speedway (NC)

Tri-County Race Track

Tri-County Speedway (Ohio)

Tri-State Speedway

Trickle, Dick

Triplett, David Jr.

Triplett, Ernie

Triplett, Kevin

TriStar Motorsports



Trophy Queens; SEE ALSO names of specific people, ie, Vaughn, Linda

Troxel, Melanie

Troyer, Maynard

Truchan, Steve

Truck Racing; SEE ALSO
            Camping World Truck Series
            Craftsman Truck Series

Truelove, Russ

Truex, Martin Jr.

Truex, Ryan

Tryson, Pat

Tucson Speedway

Ti;;ois. Bob

Tulsa Speedway

Turkey Derby; SEE Wall Stadium

Turner, Curtis

Turner Motorsports

Turner, Steve

Turner, Tommy

Turpin, Jim

24 Hours at Daytona; SEE Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona

24 Hours of Le Mans; SEE this folder at the beginning of the T's

Twin City Speedway; SEE North Star Speedway

Twin Car Drafting; SEE Tag-Team Racing

Twin Lakes Raceway

Twin State Speedway: SEE Claremont Speedway

Two Car Drafts; SEE Tag-Team Racing

Tyler, Lois

Tyner, Roy


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