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Clippings File Subject Guide for the Stock Car Racing Collection: Subjects U-V

Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, U


UDTRA; SEE United Dirt Track Racing Association

Ulrich, D. K. ; SEE ALSO RaDiUs Motorsports

Ultra Motorsports; SEE ALSO Smith, Jim

U.M.P; SEE United Midwestern Promoters

Uniforms; SEE
            Drivers–Racing Suits

Union Oil Company; SEE ALSO
            Brodrick, Bill
            Dolan, Dick

Union Speedway

Uniontown Speedway

United Dirt Late Model Challenge Series; SEE ALSO
            Dirt Track Racing
            Late Model Racing

United Dirt Track Racing Association; SEE ALSO Swims, Mike

United Midwestern Promoters; SEE ALSO Hell Tour

United Nissan Team

United Racing Club

United Speed Alliance Racing, Inc.

United Speedways of North America

United States Auto Club; SEE U.S. Auto Club

United States Modified Touring Series

Unocal; SEE Union Oil Company

Unocal/Darlington Record Club; SEE Darlington Raceway

Unser, Al, Sr.

Unser, Al, Jr.

Unser, Bobby

Unser, Robby

U.S. 13 Speedway

U.S. Auto Club; SEE ALSO
            Silver Crown Series (USAC)
            Stock Cars–Technical Specifications

USA International Speedway

USAC; SEE U.S. Auto Club

USAR; SEE United Speed Alliance Racing, Inc.

USARacing Series

U. S. Motrosports Association

USMTS; SEE United States Modified Touring Series

USNA; SEE United Speedways of North America

Utah, Racing in

Utica-Rome Speedway; SEE ALSO Fulton Speedway

Utz, Bill


Stock Car Racing Collection Clippings File Subjects, V


V8 Supercars

Vaca Valley Raceway

Van Brunt, Stan

Van Genderen, Mike

Van Horn, Carl

Van Wieringen, Dominique

Vancouver; SEE Molson Indy Vancouver

Vander Laan, Eddie

Vanderbilt Cup

Vandiver, Jim

Varney, Ron

Vaughn, Linda; SEE ALSO Trophy Queens

Venditti, Anthony

Ventura Raceway

Venturini, Billy

Venturini Family

Venturini Motorsports

Venturini, Wendy

Vermont, Racing in

Vicari, Lindy Valentino

Viccaro, Ron; SEE ALSO Precision Products Racing

Vicker, Jon

Vickers, Brian

Victory Junction Gang Camp; SEE ALSO Charitable Activities

Victory Lane Celebrations; SEE Post-Race Celebrations

Video Games

Vidovich, Auggie

Viglione, Joe

Villeneuve, Jacques

Vineland Speedway

Vintage Race Cars; SEE ALSO
            Historic Stock Car Racing Association
            Vintage Stock Car Racing
            names of specific drivers, ie, Yarborough, Cale

Vintage Stock Car Racing; SEE ALSO
            Historic Stock Car Racing Association
            Vintage Race Cars

Violence on the Track; SEE Drivers–Criminal Prosecution

Virginia International Raceway

Virginia, Racing in

Virginia Motor Speedway


Voeltz, Terry

Voge, Don

Vogler, Rich

Vogt, Louis “Red”

Volunteer Speedway

Volusia Speedway Park

Voyles, Gerald


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