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G. Wayne Miller Collection: Jack Roush

udio taped interviews with Jack Roush, Mark Martin, Kurt Busch, Matt Kenseth, Jeff Burton, and others during the 2000-2002 NASCAR Winston Cup seasons by writer G. Wayne Miller as research for his book Men and Speed.

Jack Roush

jack roush

Interviews with Jack Roush

Jack Roush, July 8, 2000 (CD Number 3)
     At New Hampshire International Speedway. Childhood and family. (On same CD with Kurt Busch).

Jack Roush, September 16, 2000 (CD Number 6)
     Kurt Busch is fast learner, almost overlooked initially; Jack's advice before first race; truck crew came from Jack's road racing crew; Kurt finishes second in his first race in a back-up truck, was impressive; Kurt walks track before races; reason for bypassing Busch Series with Kurt; decision to let Chad Little go; 200-win keychain; bio of Kurt and his family.

Jack Roush, September 17, 2000 (CD Number 7)
     After Jeff Burton win at New Hampshire International Speedway. CD begins with media interview with second place finisher Bobby Labonte; Roush, Burton, and crew chief talk about race, restrictor plate racing; car preparation, Burton's driving skills.

Jack Roush, September 30, 2000 (CD Number 8)
     at Martinsville ?. what it takes to be a champion; avoiding wrecks; Jeff Burton was tough on parts in the past, but not now; advantages of multiple car team; Burton the best there is now; avoiding wrecks and winning respect of other drivers; Mark Martin is foundation of Roush team, Jef Burton keeps improving; Jack learned a lot from Mark; corporate details; personal fears, insecurities; Kurt Busch's Cup debut; bathrooms at new tracks; Jack's various businesses; Jack's personal racing experiences; Jack's children.

Jack Roush, February 18, 2001 (CD Numbers 13A, 13B, 13C)
     At Daytona before and after the Daytona 500. Hopes for good finishes; needs to calm down Kurt Busch, who thinks he can win, calm Burton over replacement engine; politics means that highest in points gets the best engine; need to satisfy the manufacturer, sponsors and fansl Earnhardt death announcement. (On same CD as interviews with Jeff Burton, Kurt Busch).

Jack Roush, March 3, 2001 (CD Number 15)
     Season starts on a low note; Kurt Busch learned at Daytona; Roush recruited by Ford; gets masters but unhappy at Ford and quits; a year at Chrysler; teaches at college; starts racing business; Fastbacks story; didn't get into NASCAR because it is regional and too far away from home and not cutting edge; wife and children.

Jack Roush, March 23, 2001 (CD Number 20)
     At Bristol. Engine problems at Atlanta; Jeff Burton's broken valve spring; doesn't get caught up in the press, good or bad; fines and penalties; Roush ahead of the curve on safety; maybe revenge for the blowing raspberries story.

Jack Roush, April 21-22, 2001 (CD Number 28)
     Press conference at Talladega. Aerodynamics. (On same cd as April 21, 2001 interviews with Jeff Burton and Kurt Busch).

Jack Roush, May 27, 2001 (CD Number 35)
     In Charlotte. Kurt Busch starting to wreck cars; Jack never heard of Busch before the Gong Show; Jeff Burton's and Mark Martin's problems.

Jack Roush, June 8, 2001 (CD Number 38)
     In Michigan. AF chief of staff; Edsel Ford; Coca-cola 600; never more excited than when Jeff Burton won; Mark Martin had a pinched nerve from HANS device at Dover; Kurt Busch at Dover; Matt Kenseth's sophomore year; Greg Biffle could advance to Cup series next year; Roush ten years from now; Zen or facing; likes mentoring young people; his famly didn't chain him to the family business.

Jack Roush, June 9, 2001 (CD Number 39)
     At Michigan. Explains new tires; the post-Texas engine blow-up. Aero complaints. (On same cd with June 8, 2001 Frank Stoddard interview).

Jack Roush, August 3, 2001 (CD Number 47)
     In Indianapolis. Recalls a pivotal book on the Pan-American race and anarchists; first experienced speed when riding a bike downhill; racing with kids; Kurt Busch overheating at New Hampshire International Speedway; wheel coming off at Pocono; still supports Kurt Busch.

Jack Roush, August 5, 2001 (CD Number 49)
     At Indianapolis.On same cd as Matt Kenseth and Kurt Busch.

Jack Roush, August 25, 2001 CD Numbers 51A, 51B).
     Engines and aero topics; his experience designing and driving cars; days at Ford; racing at Indy Race Park; Wayne Gapp; starts business; Willie T. Ribbs races for him; Scott Pruett; Ford and NASCAR roots. (On same cd with Matt Kenseth and Kurt Busch).

Jack Roush, August 25, 2001 (CD Number 54)
     At Bristol. Go-karting with son; Jack wants son to be an engineer like him but son wants music.

Jack Roush, September 21-23, 2001 (CD Number 57)
     At Dover. Parents; street racing; large segment of garage noise, unintelligible conversation; Kurt Busch complaints and media relations; engines; Kyle Busch development; 9/11 reaction. On same cd as Denis McGlynn interviews.

Jack Roush, October 14, 2001 (CD Number 61)
     At Martinsville; Earnhardt's death affected Jeff Burton's performance; tire problems for Jeff Burton and Mark Martin; engine problems affected driver confidence; Penske doing better; rationale for two engine shopgs; connecting rod broke in Burton's engine during Dover practice; Kyle Busch will compete in truck series if economy holds; truck teams never make money, but good training.

Jack Roush, November 17, 2001 (CD Numbers 65A, 65B)
     At Atlanta. His take on the season.

Jack Roush, December 17, 2001 (CD Number 66)
      On the same cd as Mark Martin December 19, 2001 interview.

Jack Roush, March 29, 2002 (CD Number 71)
Health is good except for rotator cuff done last year; wants to get a package (team) together that has the right elements and completeness; there are conflicts between crew chiefs and the engineering department; crew chiefs think things should be operating differently, made a engineering department management change as a result; thinks the changes will result in improvements down the road; no engine failures this year during a race; Kurt Busch won last Sunday, was in Kurt's stall when he won; Kurt has changed the transmission ratio in order to get great restarts; Kurt has matured to the point where he was in contention and had enough tires and car left to win the race; nervous that critics would say it isn't fair because the Roush team is bigger than other teams; Kurt's first Cup series win; one of the great moments in Jack's racing life.
Jack Roush, August 24, 2002 (CD Number 75)
     Team issues with tires in 2001; personnel reassignments; some engine issues; efforts to win Mark Martin a championship; personal relationship with Mark Martin; thoughts on leaving racing; Kurt Busch's driving style and drive to succeed; Jeff Burton's year; importance of being independent and financially secure; doesn't remember the actual plane crash; experience in Alabama Medical Center; history of his recuperation; need for Kurth Busch to control his frustrations; Roush and Larry Hicks. Hicks saved Roush's life when his plane crashed.


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