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G. Wayne Miller Collection: Jeff Burton

udio taped interviews with Jack Roush, Mark Martin, Kurt Busch, Matt Kenseth, Jeff Burton, and others during the 2000-2002 NASCAR Winston Cup seasons by writer G. Wayne Miller as research for his book Men and Speed.

Jeff Burton

jeff burton

Interviews with Jeff Burton

Jeff Burton, September 17, 2000 (CD Number 7)
     After his win at New Hampshire International Speedway. Burton won the race, his fourth Cup victory and third in 2000, leading flag to flag. Tape begins with media interview with second place finisher Bobby Labonte, who discusses his competition with Burton; race recap; comments by crew chief Frank Stoddard and owner Jack Roush on car preparation; dueling with Earnhardt; restrictor plate racing; need for safer driver environment.

Jeff Burton, February 18, 2001 (CD Numbers 13A, 13B, 13C)
     In Daytona. Thoughts on the race and rules package; won't let sponsor CITGO down this year; Fox controversy; Races brother Ward Burton clean; some things in life more important than winning. (On same cd as Jack Roush and Jeff Burton interviews).

Jeff Burton, March 3, 2001 (CD Number 14)
     In Las Vegas. Recap of Daytona; the Earnhardt encounter at Daytona; effect of Earnhardt's death made it harder to concentrate; his parents. (On same cd as March 2 Kurt Busch interview).

Jeff Burton, March 15, 2001 (CD Number 17)
     By phone, after Atlanta and just before Darlington. Atlanta was a disappontment. Las Vegas wreck still a mystery to him, takes responsiblity, apologized to Jack Roush; Jack views wrecks as learning experiences; Jack worries wrecks will make Jeff less aggressive but Jeff drives more conservatively to get enough points for provisional start if needed; Andy Griffith reruns; terrible season so far, decides he can't buy his dream boat; doesn't want competitiors to laugh at him; a testing time to find out what people are made of; crew; changing diapers is good medicine; hopes no one gives up; thoughts about Darlington.

Jeff Burton, March 23, 2001 (CD Number 19)
     At Bristol. Penalty for rolled tire at Darlington; fear that he might go home today; started drivng motorized vehicles early; childhood memories; father liked going fast; early go-kart racing with brother Ward; thought he would make a living building race cars, not driving them; competitive but not cutthroat; love to be a basketball coach; risk and possibility of dying; racing not the most important thing in life; won't be driving at age 40; future with Roush Racing; loves being a public figure; brother Ward is an environmentalists first, driver second; won't feel cheated if he wins the championship; still have a shot at 2001 title; changed the way people think about bad qualifiers.

Jeff Burton, March 24, 2001 (CD Number 21)
     In the media center at Bristol. Safety; Daytona: Talladega; low in points standing; still hoping to make a run at the championship. (On the same cd with Kurt Busch March 24, 2001 interview).

Jeff Burton, March 25, 2001 (CD Number 22)
     At Bristol. Jokes; thoughts on Earnhardt; plan to turn things around.

Jeff Burton, April 11, 2001 (CD Numbesr 26, 27)
     By phone. Feels "normal" to have placed third; doesn't like inaccurate reporting but answers questions about what went wrong; thinks a good end of season awaits him; Talladega is a track problem that NASCAR won't change because it would cost NASCAR money; NASCAR willing to walk fine line of safety; wants to be a senator; Duke Children's Hospital involves him and wife Kim; won't talk about safety at tracks anymore because it gets him "off kilter;" grew up watching Earnhardt, didn't root for him but respected him; Earnhardt could be dirty, they only tangled once; Dale spoke his mind; morning of 2001 Daytona 500 talked to Dale about boats; finding out Earnhardt was dead, safety issue;thinks his car is safe; NASCAR didn't spend any money researching Adam Petty crash; Jack Roush wants him to be quieter, but they have talked about confrontation with NASCAR over safety issues if needed. (Interview with Dale Earnhardt Jr. is also on CD #27).

Jeff Burton, April 21-22, 2001 (CD Number 28)
     Press conference at Talladega. Race will be exciting, what to watch; race strategy; his schedule on race day; fans like excitement of racing on superspeedways, drivers don't because one mistake can take out 20 cars; needs to be both exciting and safe; comparison with brother Ward Burton; difficult year; chances of winning; Dodge looks to be best car for Talladega; favorite track; effect of tv on racing; NASCAR does a good job of overseeing the sport; family travels with him every weekend. (On same cd as April 21-22, 2001 interview with Kurt Busch).

Jeff Burton, May 9, 2001 (CD Number 30)
     By phone. The zen of his problems in 2001; Jack is supportive, team morale is ok; he is behind NASCAR now on safety after drivers and media criticized it.

Jeff Burton, June 15, 2001 (CD Number 43)
     At Pocono. Trophy room; Coca-Cola 600; eating; gatorade; designing boats; father; Sam Ard and 1990; letting his children drive; getting used to new tires; a bad season but hopes lessons learned will help in 2002.

Jeff Burton, August 15, 2001 (CD Number 50)
     By phone. Stavola Brothers, coming to Roush Racing; Frank Stoddard; mother; season so far; Earnhardt safety report; changed attitude, focus on safety, NASCAR more proactive than reactive now.

Jeff Burton, September 10, 2001 (CD Number 41)
     By phone. Car set-up; attitude and driving style of Kevin Harvick; Earnhardt safety report; Frank Stoddard; Childress rumors again; advice from Jack Roush; Mark Martin helped him get started; need to find the right car set-up; aero balance; brother Brian. (On same cd as June 10, 2001 Matt Kenseth interview).

Jeff Burton, September 18, 2001 (CD Number 56)
     By phone; comments on September 11 terrorist attack.

Jeff Burton, September 23, 2001 (CD Number 58)
     Fan Q and A at Dover. Brake lights on race cars; staying physically and mentally fit; confidence issues; testing, practice for drivers; racing as a child; chores at home; traveling with family; engines; safety; brother Ward; racing the day after Thanksgiving for therescheduled race from 9/11 week. (On same cd as Mike Helton, Kurt Busch).

Jeff Burton, October 13, 2001 (CD Number 59)
     At Martinsville. Thinks auto racing is not like watch a tape of a football game; aero balance; Blaise Alexander; New York City visit; nervous with so many homeland security measures, won't open mail because of anthrax alert; 2001 season.

Jeff Burton, November 16, 2001 (CD Number 63)
     At Atlanta. Lessons of the year; year recap; hopes for Atlanta and the last two races.

Jeff Burton, April 10, 2002 (CD Number 72)
     By telephone. Update on book publication; Roush Racing performance in 2002; teams all doing better except for Burton and 99 car; need to be more attentive to car needs, such as more speed; analyzing data and talking to other Roush teams to improve; health issues of team member.

Jeff Burton, September 15, 2002  (CD Number 77)
     Crew chief change from Frank Stoddard to Paul Andrews; hopes Frank Stoddard will stay on in another capacity; daughter not interested in racing, son only 23 months old; health of Burton's personal assistant Sherman Forrester. (On same cd as Matt Kenseth interview.)


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