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Rhinehart Rare Book Collection on British History: Correspondence & Memoirs

Correspondence & Memoirs

B1386.L 1746 - Letters of the Earl of Shaftesbury -- Anthony Ashley Cooper, 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury

CS439.C24 1854 – Memorials of the Canynges’ family and their times: their claim to be regarded as the founders and restorers of Westbury college and Redcliffe Church, critically examined – George Pryce

D274.T279 – Letters written by Sir W. Temple, bart. And other ministers of state, both at home and abroad – William Temple

DA3.M3 T5 1876 – The life and letters of Lord Macaulay – George Otto Trevelyan

DA28.C38 1813 – Portraits, memoirs, and characters of remarkable persons from the reign of Edward the Third to the Revolution – James Caulfield

DA28.1.J8 1828 – Recollections of royalty: from the death of William Rufus in 1100 to that of the Cardinal York – Charles Chadwicke Jones

DA28.7.C6 1844 – Memoirs of eminent Englishwomen – Louisa Stuart Costello

DA86.P4 1690 -- Memories relating to the State of the Royal Navy of England, for Ten Years, Determin'd December 1688 -- Samuel Pepys

DA86.22 .R2 E2 1868b -- The Life of Sir Walter Raleigh, Based on Contemporary Documents...Together with his Letters -- Edward Edwards

DA87.1.C7 A3 1837 -- A Selection from the Public and Private Correspondence of Vice-Admiral Lord Collingwood -- G.L. Newnham Collingwood

DA240.P25 – Paston Letters

DA245.G16 1861 – Letters and papers illustrative of the reigns of Richard III and Henry VII – James Gairdner

DA260.J58 1900 – Memoirs of King Richard the Third and some of his contemporaries – John Heneage Jesse

DA317.8.C8 S77 1694 – Memorials of the Most Reverend Father in God, Thomas Cranmer, sometime Lord Archbishop of Canterbury – John Strype

DA332.T48 1826 – Memoirs of the court of Henry the Eighth – A.T. Thomson

DA333.B6 B3 1821 – Memoirs of the life of Anne Boleyn – Elizabeth Benger

DA355.A5 1819 – Memoirs of the court of Queen Elizabeth – Lucy Aikin

DA355.B6 1754 – Memoirs of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, from the year 1581 till her death – Thomas Birch

DA358.L5 L45 1706 – Secret memoirs of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leiceister – Robert Dudley

DA358.L5 L57 1708 – The perfect picture of a favourite, or, Secret memoirs of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester – Robert Dudley

DA358.M7 A2 1759 – Memoirs of the life of Robert Carey – Robert Carey

DA375.B65 1753 – A letter to sir William Windham – Henry St. John

DA375.J58 1840 – Memoirs of the court of England during the reign of the Stuarts – John Heneage Jesse

DA391.H31 1753 – An historical and critical account of the life and writings of James I, King of Great Britain – William Harris

DA396.A2 A3 1833 – Memoirs of the court of King Charles the First – Lucy Aikin

DA407.R9 W2 1849 – Memoirs of Prince Rupert, and the cavaliers – Eliot Warburton

DA410.B5 1699 – Memoirs of Sir John Berkley – John Berkley

DA440.A8 1927 – Memories of the court of England in 1675 – Marie-Catherine Aulnoy

DA447.A3 A85 1813 - Letters written by Eminent Persons in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries - John Walker, editor

DA447.A3 J3 1851 – Memoirs of the beauties of the court of Charles the Second – Anna Jameson

DA447.E9 A2 1850 – Diary and correspondence of John Evelyn – John Evelyn

DA447.E9 A2 1859 – Diary and correspondence of John Evelyn – John Evelyn

DA447.G7 H4 1903 – Memoirs of Count Grammont – Anthony Hamilton

DA447.P4 A4 1848 – Diary and correspondence of Samuel Pepys – Samuel Pepys

DA447.R4 A2 1735 -- The memoirs of the Honourable Sir John Reresby, bart., and last governor of York : containing several private and remarkable transactions, from the restoration to the revolution, inclusively -- John Reresby

DA447.R4 A2 1821 – The travels and memoirs of Sir John Reresby – John Reresby

DA462.M3 C85 1818 – Memoirs of John, duke of Marlborough – William Coxe

DA462.M4 T4 1839 – Memoirs of Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough – A. T. Thomson

DA480.J58 1843 – Memoirs of the court of England – John Heneage Jesse

DA483.P6 A3 1810 – Letters written by the late Earl of Chatham to his nephew Thomas Pitt, Esq. – Thomas Pitt

DA500.W3 1847 – Memoirs of the reign of King George of Second – Horace Walpole

DA501.B4 A4 1842 – Correspondence of John, fourth Duke of Bedford – John Russell

DA501.B6 C8 1836 – Memoirs of Lord Bolingbroke – George Wingrove Cooke

DA501.C5 A4 1892 – Correspondence – Philip Dormer Stanhope

DA501.D63 D6 1785 – The Diary of the Late George Bubb Dodington, Baron of Melcombe Regis – Henry Penreddocke Wyndham

DA506.A9 A15 1842 – Diary and letters of Madam d’Arblay – Charlotte Barrett

DA506.A9 A3 1828 – Reminiscences of Henry Angelo – Henry Angelo

DA506.B4 A3 1795 – Memoirs of the reign of George III, to the session of parliament ending A.D. 1793 – William Belsham

DA512.S4 J5 1843 – George Selwyn and his contemporaries – John Heneage Jesse

DA512.S4 J5 1843b – George Selwyn and his contemporaries – John Heneage Jesse

DA536.G8 A13 1874 - The Greville memoirs (first part) – Charles Cavendish Fulke Greville

DA536.G8 A14 1885 - The Greville memoirs (second part) – Charles Cavendish Fulke Greville

DA536.G8 A15 1887 - The Greville memoirs (third part) – Charles Cavendish Fulke Greville

DA536.G86 A3 – The reminiscences and recollections of Captain Gronow – R. H. Gronow

DA536.R2 A3 1861 -- Private correspondence of Thomas Raikes with the Duke of Wellington and other distinguished contemporaries -- Harriet Raikes

DA538.A1 H9 1831 – Memoirs of George the Fourth – Robert Huish

DA538.A2 H9 1821 – Memoirs of her late Royal Highness Charlotte Augusta, Princess of Wales, &c. – Robert Huish

DA538.A4 H9 1818 – Memoirs of Her late Royal Highness Charlotte Augusta, Princess of Wales, &c. – Robert Huish

DA538.B8 B8 1838 – Diary illustrative of the times of George the Fourth – Charlotte Campbell Bury

DA538.F5 L2 1856 – Memoirs of Mrs. Fitzherbert – Charles Langdale

DA539.W3 1831 – The life and times of “England’s patriot king”, William the Fourth – John Watkins

DA559.M3 K56 1900 – A memoir of her royal highness Princess Mary Adelaide, duchess of Teck – Clement Kinloch Cooke

DA580.A2 1951 -- A King's Story: The Memoirs of the Duke of Windsor -- Edward Windsor, Duke of

DA687.K6 C3 1821 – Memoirs of the celebrated persons composing the Kit-Cat club – James Caulfield

DA785.M51 1683 – The memories of Sir James Melvil of Hal-hill – James Melville

DA787.A1 A3 1845 – Letters of Mary, Queen of Scots, Now first published from the originals, collected from various sources – Mary, Queen of Scots

DA814.A1 T4 1845 – Memoirs of the Jacobites of 1715 and 1745 – A.T. Thomson

DA814.A5 K6 1846 – Memoirs of Prince Charles Stuart – Karl Ludwig Klose

DA880.H4 B7 1785 – The journal of a tour of the Hebrides, with Samuel Johnson – James Boswell

DC122.8.I65 1824 – Memoirs of Henry the Great: and of the court of France during his reign – William Henry Ireland

DC122.9.S9 A3 1819 – Memoirs of the Duke of Sully, prime minister of Henry the Great – Maximilien de Bethune

DC130.M78 A3 1895 – Memoirs of Madame la marquise de Montespan – Etienne-Leon Lamothe-Langon

DC130.S2 A3 1901 – Memoirs of Louis XIV and the regency – Louis de Rouvroy

DC255.T3 A22 1895 – Memoirs of the Prince of Talleyrand – Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord

DD416.B8 B8 1868 – A memoir of Baron Bunsen – Francis Waddington

E377.B66 1930 – Mr. & Mrs. John Quincy Adams: an adventure in patriotism – Dorothie Bobbe

F67.R19 – Edward Randolph: including his letters and official papers from the New England – Edward Randolph

F152.2 C63 1813 – Memoirs of the private and public life of William Penn – Thomas Clarkson

KD631.C3 A3 1881 – Life of John, Lord Campbell, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain – John Campbell

LF109.L4 1845 – Memorials of Cambridge – Thomas Wright

NC1479.K4 L4 1892 – The life and letters of Charles Samuel Keene – George Somes Layard

ND497.C7 L4 1845 – Memoirs of the life of John Constable, esq. – Charles Robert Leslie

PR443.N52 1812 – Literary anecdotes of the eighteenth century – John Nichols

PR3325.A813 B67 1950 – Boswell’s London Journal – James Boswell

PR3757.W2 1800z – Walpoliana – Horace Walpole

PR4349.B7 Z8 1919 – Samuel Butler, author of Erewhon (1835-1902) a memoir – Henry Festing Jones

PR4708.G34 A1 1834 – The literary life and miscellanies of John Galt – John Galt

RA964 .C66 1822 -- Memoirs of George Heriot, jeweller to King James VI, with an historical account of the Hospital founded by him at Edinburgh -- Archibald Constable

Z325.D93 -- The Life and Errors of John Dunton -- John Dunton

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