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Rhinehart Rare Book Collection on British History: Women


CT3220.W4 1913 – Of six mediaeval women – Alice Kemp-Welch

CT3310.T6 1860 – The Queens of Society – Grace and Philip Wharton

DA28.1.K57 1935 – The kings and queens of England – John Player & Sons

DA28.2.S72 1840 – Lives of queens of England, from the Norman conquest – Agnes Strickland

DA28.2.T5 1927 – Her majesty, the romance of the queens of England, 1066-1910 – Elsie Prentys Thornton-Cook

DA28.7.C6 1844 – Memoirs of eminent Englishwomen – Louisa Stuart Costello

DA28.9 B43 … 1910z – Beaux and Belles of England (See individual volumes below)

DA28.9.B43 B64 1910z – Lady Blessington – Joseph Fitzgerald Molloy

DA28.9.B43 G98 1910z – Nell Gwyn – Peter Cunningham

DA28.9.B43 H36 1910z – Lady Hamilton and Lord Nelson – John Cordy Jeaffreson

DA28.9.B43 R63 1910z – Mrs. Mary Robinson – Mary Robinson

DA28.9.B43 S53 1910z – Mrs. Sarah Siddons – James Boaden

DA135.H2 1854 – The queens before the conquest – Mrs. Matthew Hall

DA315.O44 1739 – The history of England during the reigns of Henry VIII. Edward VI. Queen Mary. Queen Elizabeth – John Oldmixon

DA317.1.S9 1868 – Lives of the Tudor princesses – Agnes Strickland

DA320.H282 1929 – An Elizabethan journal – George Bagshawe Harrison

DA333.B6 B3 1821 – Memoirs of the life of Anne Boleyn – Elizabeth Benger

DA333 .B6 E75 1984b -- Mistress Anne -- Carolly Erickson

DA347 .E74 -- Bloody Mary -- Carolly Erickson

DA355.B6 1754 – Memoirs of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, from the year 1581 till her death – Thomas Birch

DA355 . E74 1983 -- The First Elizabeth -- Carolly Erickson

DA355.S8 1929 – Elizabeth and Essex, a tragic history – Lytton Strachey

DA370.B86 1787 - A collection of original royal letters, written by King Charles the First and Second, King James the Second, and the King and Queen of Bohemia: together with original letters, written by Prince Rupert, Charles Louis, count palatine, the Duchess of Hanover, and several other distinguished persons – George Bromley

DA490.S9 1758 – The history of the four last years of the queen – Jonathan Swift

DA495.B87 1880 – A history of the reign of Queen Anne – John Hill Burton

DA495.T7 1930 – England under Queen Anne – George Macaulay Trevelayn

DA538.A2 H9 1821 – Memoirs of her late Royal Highness Charlotte Augusta, Princess of Wales, &c. – Robert Huish

DA538.A4 H9 1818 – Memoirs of Her late Royal Highness Charlotte Augusta, Princess of Wales, &c. – Robert Huish

DA538.F5 L2 1856 – Memoirs of Mrs. Fitzherbert – Charles Langdale

DA550.M2 1881 – A history of our own times: from the accession of Queen Victoria to the general election of 1880 – Justin McCarthy

DA554.A714 1888 – Our sovereign lady Queen Victoria: her life and jubilee – Thomas Archer

DA559.M3 K56 1900 – A memoir of her royal highness Princess Mary Adelaide, duchess of Teck – Clement Kinloch Cooke

DA687.T7 D6 1869 – Her majesty’s tower – William Hepworth Dixon

DA758.2.S8 1850 – Lives of the queens of Scotland – Agnes Strickland

DA787.A1 A3 1845 – Letters of Mary, Queen of Scots, Now first published from the originals, collected from various sources – Mary, Queen of Scots

DA787.A1 T98 1772 – An inquiry, historical and critical, into the evidence against Mary, queen of Scots – William Tytler

DA787.A2 B76 1721 – A detection of the actions of Mary, Queen of Scots – George Buchanan

DA787.A5 H57 1815 – The history of Mary, Queen of Scots

DC119.8.S53 1905 – Catherine de’Medici and the French Reformation – Edith Helen Sichel

DC122.9.M2 W6 1907 – Queen Margot, wife of Henry of Navarre – Hugh Noel Williams

DC146.S7 N7 1853 – Life and times of Madame de Stael – Maria Norris

DD801.H1647 W37 1903 – The Electress Sophia ad the Hanoverian succession – Adolphus William Ward

DL199.8.C3 W6 1904 – The queen of tears, Caroline Matilda, queen of Denmark and Norway and princess of Great Britain and Ireland – William Henry Wilkins

DL703.7 B4 1926 – Queen Elizabeth and a Swedish princess – James Bell

E377.B66 1930 – Mr. & Mrs. John Quincy Adams: an adventure in patriotism – Dorothie Bobbe

PN2598.S5 C3 1834 – Life of Mrs. Siddons – Thomas Campbell

U767 .L72 1740 - The Life and Adventures of Mrs. Christian Davies, commonly call'd Mother Ross -- Christian Davies; formerly attributed to Daniel Defoe

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