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Rhinehart Rare Book Collection on British History: Celtic--Scotland and Ireland

Celtic--Scotland and Ireland

BL910 .H5 1829 -- The Celtic Druids - Godfrey Higgins

BV629.W28 1657 -- Historicall Collections of Ecclesiastick Affairs in Scotland and Politick related to Them -- Richard Watson

CS418.B87 1851 – The royal families of England, Scotland, and Wales – Bernard Burke

CS469 .D7 1798 -- The baronage of Scotland; containing an historical and genealogical account of the gentry of that kingdom -- Robert Douglas

DA610 .C17 1753 v. 1-2 -- Britannia: Or, a Chorographical Description of Great Britain and Ireland Together with the Adjacent Islands -- William Camden

DA758.2.S8 1850 – Lives of the queens of Scotland – Agnes Strickland

DA770.G87 1797 – The antiquities of Scotland – Francis Grose

DA777 .P65 1814 -- An enquiry into the history of Scotland, preceding the reign of Malcolm III, or the year 1056, including the authentic history of that period ... -- John Pinkerton

DA779.D73 1703 – Historica Anglo-Scotica: or An impartial history of all that happen’d between the kings and kingdoms of England and Scotland, from the beginning of the reign of William the Conqueror, to the reign of Queen Elizabeth – James Drake

DA785.R64 1760 – The history of Scotland: during the reigns of Queen Mary and King James VI – William Robertson

DA787.A2 B76 1721 – A detection of the actions of Mary, Queen of Scots – George Buchanan

DA787.A1 A3 1845 – Letters of Mary, Queen of Scots, Now first published from the originals, collected from various sources – Mary, Queen of Scots

DA787.A5 H57 1815 – The history of Mary, Queen of Scots

DA880.H6 B8 1909 – The history of Scotland, its Highlands, regiments and clans – James Browne

DA880.H6 K45 1875 – A history of the Scottish Highlands – John Scott Keltie

DA800.L35 1804 – The history of Scotland – Malcolm Laing

DA890.E3 S8 1879 – Edinburgh; picturesque notes – Robert Louis Stevenson

DA905.B56 1826 – Irish antiquarian researches – Sir William Betham

DA910.J64 1902 – Ireland, historic and picturesque – Charles Johnston

DA910 .M145 1868 -- The history of Ireland, ancient and modern -- (James ) Mac-Geoghegan, abbé

DA950.T46 -- The Irish Rebellion -- Sir John Temple

DA975.C944 1824 – Researches in the south of Ireland – Thomas Crofton Croker

DA975.H32 1860z – Ireland: its scenery, character, &c. – Samuel Carter Hall

H33 .T3 1705 -- Miscellanea -- William Temple

KDC330.M33 1716 -- The Works of that Eminent and Learned Lawyer, Sir George Mackenzie of Rosehaugh -- George Mackenzie

M1746 .J36 1819 -- The Jacobite relics of Scotland : being the songs, airs, and legends of the adherents to the House of Stuart -- James Hogg

N7599.C39 – Scottish portraits – James Lewis Caw

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