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Rhinehart Rare Book Collection on British History: Religion


BR741.H2 1869 – Councils and ecclesiastical documents relating to Great Britain and Ireland – Arthur West Haddan and William Stubbs

BR746.B5 1930 – The history of the Church of Englande – Bede, the Venerable

BS90 1620 - The Holy Bible

BS170 1601 - The Bible: That is, The Holy Scriptures conteined in the Old and New Testament

BS680.F3 G65 1622 - Of Domesticall Duties: Eight Treatises - William Gouge

BS1429.L8 1615 -- A Commentarie Upon the Fifteene Psalmes: called Psalmi Graduum and Commentarie...on the epistle of S. Paul to the Galatians -- Martin Luther

BS2340.W4 1755 -- Explanatory Notes Upon the New Testament -- John Wesley

BV260.J552 1974 -- Prayers and Meditations -- Samuel Johnson

BV629.W28 1657 -- Historicall Collections of Ecclesiastick Affairs in Scotland and Politick related to Them -- Richard Watson

BX2595.W47 T46 1911 – The founders of Westminster Abbey – Henry Troutbeck

BX4809.C45 1674 -- The Religion of the Protestants -- William Chillingworth

BX5037.W3 1811 – The works of the Right Reverend William Warburton, D.D., lord bishop of Gloucester

BX5055.S64 1898 - The Church of England: a history for the people – Henry Donald Maurice Spence-Jones

BX5077.T46 1659 - An Epilogue to the Tragedy of the Church of England - Herbert Thorndike

BX5130.L36 1673 – A relation of the conference between William Laud, late Lord Arch-bishop of Canterbury and Mr. Fisher the Jesuite - William Laud

BX5133.A1 A3 1623 -- Certaine Sermons or Homilies Appointed to be Read in Churches, in the Time of the Late Queene Elizabeth of Famous Memory

BX5145.A4 1662 – Book of Common Prayer

BX5145.A4 1712 – Book of Common Prayer

BX5145.F57 1630 -- A Defence of the Litergie of the Church of England or, Booke of Common Prayer -- Ambrose Fisher

BX5175.T76 1866 – Clergymen of the Church of England – Anthony Trollope

BX5176.L4 1725 -- A Defence of the Validity of the English Ordinations -- Pierre Francois Le Courayer

BX7730.B3 1765 – An apology for the true Christian divinity – Robert Barclay

BX9420.I65 1762 – The institution of the Christian religion – Jean Calvin

CS439.C24 1854 – Memorials of the Canynges’ family and their times: their claim to be regarded as the founders and restorers of Westbury college and Redcliffe Church, critically examined – George Pryce

DA247.C5 D8 – The life of Henry Chichele: archbishop of Canterbury – Sir Arthur Duck

DA247.W3 C5 1811 – The life of William Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester, lord high chancellor of England in the reign of Henry VI., and founder of Magdalen College, Oxford – Richard Chandler

DA317.8.C8 S77 1694 – Memorials of the Most Reverend Father in God, Thomas Cranmer, sometime Lord Archbishop of Canterbury – John Strype

DA334.M8 M8 1828 -- The life of Sir Thomas More -- Cresacre More

DA334.W8 B41 1930 – Wolsey – Hilaire Belloc

DA334.W8 C32 1827 – The life of Cardinal Wolsey – George Cavendish

DA334.W8 F43 1724 – The life of Cardinal Wolsey – Richard Fiddes

DA356.B295 1681 – Brutum fulmen: or, the bull of Pope Pius V – Thomas Barlow

DA391.A13 1616 – The works of the most high and mightie prince, Iames, by the grace of God King of Great Britaine, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c – King James I

DA450.S9 1866 – The lives of the seven bishops committed to the Tower in 1688 – Agnes Strickland

DA687.W5 C3 1966 – The house of kings: the history of Westminster Abbey – Edward Carpenter

DC119.8.S53 1905 – Catherine de’Medici and the French Reformation – Edith Helen Sichel

DP162.P8 1858 – History of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella – William Hickling Prescott

F152.2 C63 1813 – Memoirs of the private and public life of William Penn – Thomas Clarkson

KD8621.G74 1735 -- A System of English Ecclesiastical Law -- Richard Grey

KJA147.W66513 1705 – A treatise of the first principles of law in general – Thomas Wood

N7830.J2 1850 – Sacred and legendary art – Mrs. Anna Jameson

NA5461.P9 1843 – The present state of ecclesiastical architecture in England – A. Welby Pugin

NA5463.R7 1880z – The ruined abbeys of Britain – Frederick Ross

NA5470.W5 S65 1904 – Westminster abbey – Mrs. A. Murray

ND3359.K4 B65 1988 -- The Book of Kells: Reproductions from the Manuscript in Trinity College, Dublin -- Francoise Henry

PR2101.W5 1878 – The Ormulum

PR3330.A1 1880z – The pilgrim’s progress from this world to that which is to come – John Bunyan

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