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Rhinehart Rare Book Collection on British History: British History - General

British History -- General

BX5055.S64 1898 - The Church of England: a history for the people – Henry Donald Maurice Spence-Jones

CB63.B8 1858 – History of Civilization in England– Henry Thomas Buckle 400-1850 A.D.

CB63.B8 1864 – History of civilization in England– Henry Thomas Buckle  400-1850 A.D.

CB63.B85 – History of Civilization in England – Henry Thomas Buckle

CT104.H38 1873 - Biographical and critical essays: reprinted from reviews, with additions and corrections – Abraham Hayward  Random sampling of historical topics, variety of history and art.

D7.R7 1820 – The works of William Robertson: to which is prefixed an account of his life and writings– William Robertson  v. 1  Biography and his historical works

D20.W88 1936 – World epochs – Charles Francis Horne   v. 2 Middle ages, 180-1300 A.D.  v. 4 Age of religious wars, 1550-1715 A.D.

D113.F77 1844 - Chronicles of England, France, Spain, and the adjoining countries, from the latter part of the reign of Edward II. to the coronation of Henry IV – Jean Froissart  1307-1413 A.D.

D115.C37 1858 - The book of the illustrious Henries - John Capgrave

D359.A45 1854 – History of Europe: from the fall of Napoleon in 1815 to the accession of Louis Napoleon in 1852– Archibald Alison 

D359.A45 1854 Index - History of Europe: from the fall of Napoleon in 1815 to the accession of Louis Napoleon in 1852 – Archibald Alison

DA16.C472 1956 – A history of the English-speaking peoples– Winston Churchill  55 B.C.-1900 A.D.

DA28.2.T5 1927 – Her majesty, the romance of the queens of England, 1066-1910 – Elsie Prentys Thornton-Cook

DA30.B26 1782 -- The New, Comprehensive and Complete History of England -- Edward Barnard  "The very earliest period" to 1782

DA30.B76 1888 – The new illustrated history of England – Oscar Browning 55 B.C.-1820 A.D.

DA30.B168 1653 - A chronicle of the kings of England from the time of the Romans government unto the reign of King Charles– Richard Baker  43-1649 A.D.

DA30 .C73 1706 -- A Complete History of England, Volumes 1 – 3 – John Milton, Sir Thomas More, William Campden, et al.

DA30.C887 1846 – The pictorial history of England – George Lillie Craik 55 B.C.-1820 A.D.

DA30.C888 1849 – The pictorial history of England – George Lillie Craik 55 B.C.-1820 A.D.

DA30.E18 1707 – The history of England: form the first entrance of Julius Caesar and the Romans to the end of the reign of King James the first– Laurence Echard  55 B.C.- 1625 A.D.

DA30.G73 1903 – A short history of the English people– John Richard Green 449-1815 A.D.

DA30.H49 1680 – A help to English history – Peter Heylyn 

DA30.H86 1834 – History of England– David Hume   v. 1. B.C. 55 to A.D. 1189 / v. 2. A.D. 1189 to A.D. 1377 / v. 3. A.D. 1377 to A.D. 1515 / v.4. A.D. 1515 to A.D. 1558 / v.5. A.D. 1558 to A.D. 1603 / v.6. A.D. 1603 to A.D. 1641 / v.7. A.D. 1641 to A.D. 1660 / v.8. A.D. 1660 to A.D. 1689 / v. 9. A.D. 1689 to A.D. 1703 / v. 10. A.D. 1703 to A.D. 1732

DA30.H9365 1828 v. 1 -- Hume and Smollett's History of England, Abridged, and Continued to the Accession of George IV -- John Robinson

DA30.M26 1886 – The popular history of England – Charles MacFarlane

DA32.A1. K55 1868 - Half hours of English history– Charles Knight  55 B.C. -1603 A.D.

DA32.G6 1771 – The history of England: from the earliest times to the death of George II – Oliver Goldsmith

DA130.C56 1675 – Divi britannici – Winston Churchill

DA130.D18 1626 -- A Collection of the History of England -- Samuel Daniel  443-1377 A.D.

DA130.D18 1636 -- A Collection of the History of England -- Samuel Daniel  1377-1485 A.D.

DA130.F13 1811 – The new chronicles of England and France in two parts – Robert Fabyan

DA130.G75 1572 - Graftons abridgement of the Chronicles of Englande, newely corrected and augmented, to thys present yere of Our Lord. 1572. – Richard Grafton

DA130.L32 1845 – A history of England under the Anglo-Saxon kings– Johann Martin Lappenberg   v. 1. From earliest times to 800 / v. 2. 800 to 1066

DA130.P31 1851 – The history of Normandy and of England– Sir Francis Palgrave   v. 3. 987-1087 A.D.

DA140.H536 - Britannia after the Romans – Algernon Herbert

DA152.T92 1852 – The history of the Anglo-Saxons, from the earliest period to the Norman conquest – Sharon Turner

DA175.T846 1825 – The history of England during the middle ages – Sharon Turner  55 B.C. – 1066 A.D.

DA233.B23 1688 – The history of that most victorious monarch Edward III.d king of England and France, and lord of Ireland, and first founder of the most noble order of the garter– Joshua Barnes 1327-1377 A.D.

DA250.B51 1641 – An history of the civill warres of England betweene the two house of Lancaster and Yorke– Giovanni Francesco Biondi  1377-1509 A.D.

DA256.G6 1704 – The history of the reign of Henry the Fifth, king of England, &c– Thomas Goodwin 1413-1422 A.D.

DA260.W34 1768 – Historic doubts on the life and reign of King Richard the third– Horace Walpole 1483-1485 A.D.

DA310.L63 1838 – Illustrations of British history, biography, and manners, in the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary, Elizabeth, and James I– Edmund Lodge 1509-1625 A.D.

DA315.O44 1739 – The history of England during the reigns of Henry VIII. Edward VI. Queen Mary. Queen Elizabeth– John Oldmixon 1509-1603 A.D.

DA340.T996 1839 – England under the reigns of Edward VI and Mary– Patrick Fraser Tytler 1547-1558 A.D.

DA350.C22 1688 - The history of the most renowned and victorious Princess Elizabeth, late Queen of England– William Camden 1558-1603 A.D.

DA370.B86 1787 - A collection of original royal letters, written by King Charles the First and Second, King James the Second, and the King and Queen of Bohemia: together with original letters, written by Prince Rupert, Charles Louis, count palatine, the Duchess of Hanover, and several other distinguished persons– George Bromley 1619-1665 A.D.

DA380.M3 1864 – Court and society from Elizabeth to Anne– William Drogo Montagu, Duke of Manchester 1558-1714 A.D.

DA391.W5 1653 – The history of Great Britain:  being the life and reign of King James the first– Arthur Wilson 1603-1625 A.D.

DA396.A2 S7 1898 – Charles I– John Skelton 1625-1649 A.D.

DA400.C6 1849 – The history of the rebellion and civil wars in England– Edward Hyde 1642-1660 A.D.

DA400.C612 1967 – The history of the Great Rebellion – Edward Hyde

DA430.J77 1697 - A continuation of the Secret history of White-hall – David Jones

DA430.S6 1685 - Copies of the informations and original papers relating to the proof of the horrid conspiracy against the late King, his present Majesty, and the government– Thomas Sprat

DA435.S7 1792 – The history of political transactions, and of parties, from the restoration of King Charles the Second, to the death of King William- Thomas Somerville 1660-1702 A.D.

DA447.E8 F4 - An enquiry into and detection of the barbarous murther of the late Earl of Essex, or, a vindication of that noble person from the guilt and infamy of having destroy'd himself– Robert Ferguson 1683 A.D.

DA480.L452 1892 – A history of England in the eighteenth century– William Edward Hartpole Lecky 1701-1800 A.D.

DA480.S78 1836 – History of England from the peace of Utrecht to the peace of Versailles, 1713-1783– Philip Henry Stanhope 1713-1783 A.D.

DA486.W75 1848 – England under the house of Hanover– Thomas Wright 1714-1820 A.D.

DA490.S9 1758 – The history of the four last years of the queen– Jonathan Swift 1710-1714 A.D.

DA495.B87 1880 – A history of the reign of Queen Anne– John Hill Burton 1702-1714 A.D

DA495.T7 1930 – England under Queen Anne– George Macaulay Trevelyan  1702-1714 A.D

DA505.B62 1803 – The history of the reign of George III– Robert Bisset 1760-1820 A.D

DA550.M2 1880 – A history of our own times: from the accession of Queen Victoria to the general election of 1880– Justin McCarthy 1837-1880 A.D.

DA550.M2 1881 – A history of our own times: from the accession of Queen Victoria to the general election of 1880– Justin McCarthy 1837-1880 A.D

DA620.C23 1774 – A political survey of Britain – John Campbell

DA670.N5 W8 1883 – The New forest: its history and its scenery– John Richard Wise 1079-1851 A.D.

DA670.W3 T56 1889 – A history of Warwickshire– Samuel Timmins 50 – 1700s A.D.

DA680.C55 1827 - A chronicle of London, from 1089 to 1483– Edward Tyrrell 1089-1483 A.D.

DA687.C4 D38 1922 – Charterhouse in London: monastery, mansion, hospital, school– Gerald S. Davies History of the school, 1300s-1800s A.D.

DA687.T7 D6 1869 - Her majesty's tower– William Hepworth Dixon 1558-1603 A.D.

DA779.D73 1703 – Historica Anglo-Scotica: or An impartial history of all that happen’d between the kings and kingdoms of England and Scotland, from the beginning of the reign of William the Conqueror, to the reign of Queen Elizabeth– James Drake 1066-1603 A.D.

DA785.R64 1760 – The history of Scotland: during the reigns of Queen Mary and King James VI– William Robertson 1553-1558 A.D.

DA787.A1 T98 1772 – An inquiry, historical and critical, into the evidence against Mary, queen of Scots– William Tytler 1553-1558 A.D.

DA800.L35 1804 – The history of Scotland– Malcolm Laing 1567-1714 A.D.

DA947.F94 1872 – The English in Ireland in the eighteenth century– James Anthony Froude 1701-1800 A.D.

DC130.C62.J8 1892b - A French ambassador at the court of Charles the Second– Jean Jules Jusserand 1660-1685 A.D.

DH188.W7 D73 1937 – The drama of William of Orange– L.H. Lehmann 1689-1702 A.D.

DJ150.C95 1693 – The history of the house of Orange, or, A brief relation of the glorious and magnanimous achievements of His Majesties renowned predecessors – R. B.

F4. S79 1920 – Towns of New England and Old England, Ireland and Scotland– Allan Forbes 1600-1775 A.D.

HV6943.C47 P45 1886 - The chronicles of crime, or, The new Newgate calendar– Camden Pelham Up until 1841 A.D.

JN137.J6 1961 - The constitutional history of medieval England from the English settlement to 1485– John Edward Austin Jolliffe Up until 1485 A.D.

JS3041.M2 1726 – Firma burgi, or, an historical essay concerning the cities, towns and buroughs of Engand – Thomas Madox

KDC188.H35 M66 1769 - The case of Archibald Douglas, Esq. and his guardians, appellants, against His Grace the Duke of Hamilton, Lord Douglas Hamilton, Sir Hew Dalrymple and others, respondents– James Montgomery 1748 A.D.

LF109.C61890 – Cambridge– John Willis Clark Medieval times - 1890 A.D.

LF509.M3 1924 – A history of the University of Oxford– Charles Edward Mallet 1100-1927 A.D.

NK928.C63 T83 1956 – The Tudor Period 1500-1603– Ralph Edwards and L.G.G. Ramsey 1500-1603 A.D.

NK928.C63 S78 1957 – The Stuart Period, 1603-1714 1603-1714 A.D.

PR4963.A1 1899 – Miscellanies– Thomas Babington Macaulay A wide array of historical material

PR8383.R63 1829 Ser.1 – Traditions of Lancashire (First Series)– John Roby 79 - Folklore

PR8383.R63 1829 Ser.2 – Traditions of Lancashire (Second Series)– John Roby 79 - Folklore

PZ7.P8853 Fa – A fair Jacobite: a tale of the exiled Stuarts – H. May Poynter

Z8139.N55 1937 – The Roe-Byron collection, Newstead abbey Bibliography

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