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Rhinehart Rare Book Collection on British History: Royalty


CS418.B87 1851 – The royal families of England, Scotland, and Wales – Bernard Burke

D115.C37 1858 – The book of the illustrious Henries – John Capgrave

DA28.1.J8 1828 – Recollections of royalty: from the death of William Rufus in 1100 to that of the Cardinal York – Charles Chadwicke Jones

DA28.1.K57 1935 – The kings and queens of England – John Player & Sons

DA28.2.S72 1840 – Lives of the queens of England, from the Norman conquest – Agnes Strickland

DA28.2.T5 1927 – Her majesty, the romance of the queens of England, 1066-1910 – Elsie Prentys Thornton-Cook

DA30.B168 1653 – A chronicle of the kings of England from the time of the Romans government unto the reign of King Charles – Richard Baker

DA30.E18 1707 – The history of England: from the first entrance of Julius Caesar and the Romans to the end of the reign of King James the first – Laurence Echard

DA32.G6 1771 – The history of England from the earliest times to the death of George II – Oliver Goldsmith

DA30.H49 1680 – A help to English history – Peter Heylyn

DA32.A1. K55 1868 – Half hours of English history--Charles Knight

DA90 .P2 1782 -- Curialia: or An Historical Account of Some Branches of the Royal Houshold ... [parts I-II] -- Samuel Pegge

DA90.P44 1818 – Curialia miscellanea, or Anecdotes of old times – Samuel Pegge

DA130.C56 1675 – Divi britannici – Winston Churchill

DA130.L32 1845 – A history of England under the Anglo-Saxon kings – Johann Martin Lappenberg

DA135.H2 1854 – The queens before the conquest – Mrs. Matthew Hall

DA197.5.F7 1882 – The reign of William Rufus and the accession of Henry the First – Edward Augustus Freeman

DA208.N8 1902 – John Lackland – Kate Norgate

DA233.B23 1688 – The history of that most victorious monarch Edward III.d king of England and France, and lord of Ireland, and first founder of the most noble order of the garter – Joshua Barnes

DA233.L66 1869 – The history of the life and times of Edward the Third – William Longman

DA234.C4 1883 – The life and feats of arms of Edward the Black Prince – Chandos Herald

DA235.H6 1681 – The life and reign of King Richard the Second – Robert Howard

DA245.G16 1861 – Letters and papers illustrative of the reigns of Richard III and Henry VII – James Gairdner

DA247.C5 D8 – The life of Henry Chichele: archbishop of Canterbury – Sir Arthur Duck

DA250.B51 1641 – An history of the civill warres of England betweene the two houses of Lancaster and Yorke – Giovanni Francesco Biondi

DA250.S66 1792 – The history of the civil wars between York and Lancaster – Edward Speiman

DA255.H42 – The first part of the life and raigne of King Henrie the IIII – John Hayward

DA256.G6 1704 – The history of the reign of Henry the fifth, King of England, &c. – Thomas Goodwin

DA256.T97 1838 – Henry of Monmouth, or, Memoirs of the life and character of Henry the fifth, as Prince of Wales and King of England – James Endell Tyler

DA260.J58 1900 – Memoirs of King Richard the Third and some of his contemporaries – John Heneage Jesse

DA260.M6 1821 – The history of King Richard the Third – Thomas More

DA260.W34 1768 – Historic doubts on the life and reign of King Richard the Third – Horace Walpole

DA315.O44 1739 – The history of England during the reigns of Henry VIII. Edward VI. Queen Mary. Queen Elizabeth – John Oldmixon

DA317.1.S9 1868 – Lives of the Tudor princesses – Agnes Strickland

DA320.H282 1929 – An Elizabethan journal – George Bagshawe Harrison

DA332 .E74 1998 -- Great Harry -- Carolly Erickson

DA332.H48 1649 – The life and raigne of King Henry the Eighth – Edward Herbert

DA333.B6 B3 1821 – Memoirs of the life of Anne Boleyn – Elizabeth Benger

DA333 .B6 E75 1984b -- Mistress Anne -- Carolly Erickson

DA340.T996 1839 – England under the reigns of Edward VI and Mary – Patrick Fraser Tytler

DA345.H38 1636 – The life and reigne of King Edward the Sixth – John Hayward

DA347 .E74 -- Bloody Mary -- Carolly Erickson

DA350.C22 1688 – The history of the most renowned and victorious Princess Elizabeth, late Queen of England – William Camden

DA350.N32 1824 – Fragmenta Regalia – Robert Naunton

DA355.B6 1754 – Memoirs of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, from the year 1581 till her death – Thomas Birch

DA355 .E74 1983 -- The First Elizabeth -- Carolly Erickson

DA355.S8 1929 – Elizabeth and Essex, a tragic history – Lytton Strachey

DA370.B86 1787 - A collection of original royal letters, written by King Charles the First and Second, King James the Second, and the King and Queen of Bohemia: together with original letters, written by Prince Rupert, Charles Louis, count palatine, the Duchess of Hanover, and several other distinguished persons – George Bromley

DA391.H31 1753 – An historical and critical account of the life and writings of James I, King of Great Britain – William Harris

DA391.W5 1653 – The history of Great Britain: being the life and reign of King James the first – Arthur Wilson

DA396.A2 S7 1898 – Charles I – John Skelton

DA396.A22 T75 1959 – The trial of Charles I – Roger Lockyer

DA400.C49 H72 1692 - A Defence of King Charles I - Richard Hollingworth

DA407.R9 W2 1849 – Memoirs of Prince Rupert, and the cavaliers – Eliot Warburton

DA430.S6 1685 – Copies of the informations and original papers relating to the proof of the horrid conspiracy of the late King, his present Majesty, and the government – Thomas Sprat

DA435.S7 1792 – The history of political transactions, and of parties, from the restoration of King Charles the Second to the death of King William – Thomas Somerville

DA462.A2 R4 1933 – William of Orange – Gustaaf Johannes Renier

DA486.W75 1848 – England under the house of Hanover – Thomas Wright

DA490.S9 1758 – The history of the four last years of the queen – Jonathan Swift

DA495.B87 1880 – A history of the reign of Queen Anne – John Hill Burton

DA495.T7 1930 – England under Queen Anne – George Macaulay Trevelayn

DA500.W3 1847 – Memoirs of the reign of King George of Second – Horace Walpole

DA505.B62 1803 – The history of the reign of George III – Robert Bisset

DA506.B4 A3 1795 – Memoirs of the reign of George III, to the session of parliament ending A.D. 1793 – William Belsham

DA506.F7 T87 1912 – George the Third and Charles Fox – George Otto Trevelyn

DA536.G8 A13 1874 - The Greville memoirs (first part) – Charles Cavendish Fulke Greville

DA536.G8 A14 1885 - The Greville memoirs (second part) – Charles Cavendish Fulke Greville

DA536.G8 A15 1887 - The Greville memoirs (third part) – Charles Cavendish Fulke Greville

DA538.A1 H9 1831 – Memoirs of George the Fourth – Robert Huish

DA538.A2 H9 1821 – Memoirs of her late Royal Highness Charlotte Augusta, Princess of Wales, &c. – Robert Huish

DA538.A4 H9 1818 – Memoirs of Her late Royal Highness Charlotte Augusta, Princess of Wales, &c. – Robert Huish

DA538.A22 C37 1821 – The trial at large of Her Majesty Caroline Amelia Elizabeth, Queen of Great Britain

DA538.B8 B8 1838 – Diary illustrative of the times of George the Fourth – Charlotte Campbell Bury

DA538.F5 L2 1856 – Memoirs of Mrs. Fitzherbert – Charles Langdale

DA539.W3 1831 – The life and times of “England’s patriot king”, William the Fourth – John Watkins

DA550.M2 1880 – A history of our own times: from the accession of Queen Victoria to the general election of 1880 – Justin McCarthy

DA550.M2 1881 – A history of our own times: from the accession of Queen Victoria to the general election of 1880 – Justin McCarthy

DA554.A714 1888 – Our sovereign lady Queen Victoria: her life and jubilee – Thomas Archer

DA559.M3 K56 1900 – A memoir of her royal highness Princess Mary Adelaide, duchess of Teck – Clement Kinloch Cooke

DA567.L35 – King Edward VII – Sidney Lee

DA580.A2 1951 -- A King's Story: The Memoirs of the Duke of Windsor -- Edward Windsor, Duke of

DA630.P53 1946 – Recording Britain

DA687.T7 D6 1869 – Her majesty’s tower – William Hepworth Dixon

DA690.H2 L4 1888 – The history of Hampton Court palace – Ernest Law

DA758.2.S8 1850 – Lives of the queens of Scotland – Agnes Strickland

DA779.D73 1703 – Historica Anglo-Scotica: or An impartial history of all that happen’d between the kings and kingdoms of England and Scotland, from the beginning of the reign of William the Conqueror, to the reign of Queen Elizabeth – James Drake

DA785.R64 1760 – The history of Scotland: during the reigns of Queen Mary and King James VI – William Robertson

DA787.A1 A3 1845 – Letters of Mary, Queen of Scots, Now first published from the originals, collected from various sources – Mary, Queen of Scots

DA787.A1 T98 1772 – An inquiry, historical and critical, into the evidence against Mary, queen of Scots – William Tytler

DA787.A2 B76 1721 – A detection of the actions of Mary, Queen of Scots – George Buchanan

DA787.A5 H57 1815 – The history of Mary, Queen of Scots

DA800.L35 1804 – The history of Scotland – Malcolm Laing

DA814.A5 K6 1846 – Memoirs of Prince Charles Stuart – Karl Ludwig Klose

DC119.8.S53 1905 – Catherine de’Medici and the French Reformation – Edith Helen Sichel

DC122.8.I65 1824 – Memoirs of Henry the Great: and of the court of France during his reign – William Henry Ireland

DC122.9.M2 W6 1907 – Queen Margot, wife of Henry of Navarre – Hugh Noel Williams

DC130.C62.J8 1892b - A French ambassador at the court of Charles the Second – Jean Jules Jusserand

DD801.H1647 W37 1903 – The Electress Sophia ad the Hanoverian succession – Adolphus William Ward

DH188.W7 D73 1937 – The drama of William of Orange – L.H. Lehmann

DJ150.C95 1693 – The history of the house of Orange, or, A brief relation of the glorious and magnanimous achievements of His Majesties renowned predecessors – R. B.

DL199.8.C3 W6 1904 – The queen of tears, Caroline Matilda, queen of Denmark and Norway and princess of Great Britain and Ireland – William Henry Wilkins

DL703.7 B4 1926 – Queen Elizabeth and a Swedish princess – James Bell

KD3946.T48 1829 – An historical essay on the Magna charta of King John – Richard Thomson

KD5282.M33x 1711 – The history and antiquities of the Exchequer of the kings of England in two periods – Thomas Madox

PR4910.A1 1848 – Harold, the last of the Saxon kings – Edward Bulwer Lytton

PZ7.P8853 Fa – A fair Jacobite: a tale of the exiled Stuarts – H. May Poynter

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