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RM 4210 Senior Seminar: Finding Employment in Recreation & Leisure: Recreation & Leisure Job Sites | A-Z

This guide provides URLs and basic search steps for sites that list job openings in recreation and leisure. It also lists some print sources of job listings; these sources can be found in Belk Library and Information Commons.

Recreation & Leisure Jobs Sites | A-Z

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USAJOBS [Search for recreation vacancies in Veterans Affairs, Army, Air Force, Navy, U. S. Military Academy, and Forest Service.]
USDA Forest Service

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I wish to thank Rebecca Dowdy, who worked with me as an intern 2015-2016, for many hours of work on this Guide. She was instrumental in moving this Guide to its new format, checking and correcting the information and links, and making several additions and enhancements. 

--Glenn Ellen Starr Stilling