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Inspire Maker Lab: Sewing and E-Textiles

Makerspace technologies guide. What's in the makerspace, how it works, and what you can do with it!

Sewing Machines

The Inspire Maker Lab has a sewing machines available for use.

The machine can perform all basic sewing needs, from mending tears in medium to lightweight fabrics, to creating garments.

Use the sewing machine for free to complete your projects!

Singer Sewing Machine

The Makerspace has a Singer Stylist Sewing Machine.  With over 100 built in stitches and an automatic needle threader, this machine is easy for even beginners to use.

Singer Stylist machine

How to use the machine:

1. Design your project.  There are plenty of software options available for those who would like to design a garment.  Choose from free patterns at AllFreeSewing or SoSewEasy,  or create your own using Adobe Illustrator in the Digital Media Studio.

2. Bring your project to the makerspace.  A student assistant will work with you to get started.  If you have used a sewing machine before, let us know!  If not, we can give you a quick tutorial.  There are also some great sewing machine "how-tos" in the resources section to the right.  Get started below.

3. Create your project!  

Let the makerspace staff know what you are doing!  We would love to display your work.


LilyPad, LilyTiny, and other wearable electronics boards

Use conductive thread to sew a circuit on your clothing, then using the boards you can add LED lights, sound boards and more to your cloth projects.  Learn about some incredible projects as well as the basics of wearable electronics by enrolling in Instructable's free online workshop, or contact Hannah Pope at for help getting started.

LilyPad Project



Here are some helpful guides and tips for sewing:

E-Textiles Resources