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Belk Library Makerspace: Laser Cutting

How do I use the Glowforge Laser Printer?

Want to cut something to create a prototype or homemade project? Need to engrave something?

The Glowforge is a unique hobby level laser cutter that enables the user to cut and engrave on a number of materials. Email the makerspace for more information or follow the instructions below.

Users will need one file for cutting (SVG format) and one file for engraving (JPG or PNG format).

Once both of these files are ready to go, bring them to the Inspire Maker Lab and the student workers will cut your project for you. 

Glowforge Laser Cutter

Glowforge Pro

The Glowforge Pro is a "laser printer" that allows the user to cut and engrave a number of materials as simplistically as possible. Use it to create prototypes, make fully realized projects, or to assist with your research.

Step by Step Glowforge Instructions

1. Create your project in vector software or attend a Designing for Laser Cutters workshop.

2. Export any file that you want to CUT in SVG format. Export any file that you want to ENGRAVE as either a JPG or PNG file. If you want to both cut and engrave, you need both files!

3. Pick out the material that you want to use. Plastic acrylic or wood pieces (no more that 1/8 inch thick if you want to cut) can be purchased from Michaels, Amazon or the Glowforge approved materials collection

4. Bring the materials and files into the makerspace. The student workers will verify the files and then begin the laser cutting process.

5. Enjoy your unique creation!

Glowforge Examples

Wild Things Light box

GeometryTopographical map

Image/project credits: 

Wild Things light box: ErickaKnKd

Geometry tool: gina_podesta

Topographical Map: pubultrastar