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Exercise Science: ES 5000

Agenda -- 2024, 8:30am, Levine 319

Where to get help?:, library webpage        (Stephanie Bennett, bennettsj1@)       



How can you find previous students' masters theses? NC DOCKS (and WorldCat and Open Dissertations)

How can you get full text of journal articles? -- often a multi-step process (mostly due to $$$ ownership barriers)    add DOI or PubMed number to      This is NEW.  Try this one,

If initial button click does not work, try Google Scholar ILLiad account. Email me.

What is the importance of Cited by ___ in GS and PubMed.       What's highly cited on your topic?


What are systematic reviews?  We're not doing systematic reviews.  Why look at them?

Systematic review methods, for guidance on more routine literature searches -- One example, and excerpt.

What are 3 components of first stage methodology of a systematic review?

1. Which databases?: PubMed, GScholar, APPsearch, Web of Science, Cochrane, . . . (Dimensions, Scopus next week))

which journals, relevance and other ranking, abstract vs full text, quirks

PubMed example.  "Female Age-Related Differences in Biomechanics and Muscle Activity During Descents on the Outstretched Arms"

What about AI tools?

2.  Which words and phrases? -- PICO,  standardized terminology / MeSH,  Boolean: AND OR NOT " "

From review above -- concussion sports rest   (same as concussion AND sports AND rest)

3. everything else, including citing and "cited by," authors, "hand search"

Cited by: Google Scholar, Web of Science, new "open citations" tools coming

Also see PubMed's "Similar Articles" and other.

Also see profile pages and .edu personal pages


How can a person manage all these articles?

Zotero (EndNote, Mendeley) citation management software

Documenting your search strategy.  (Important if you're using AI.)





Recent Articles from the ASU Department of Health & Exercise Science

Also, you can search in Web of Science and the APPsearch databases.

Nuances -- Boolean, PICO

Boolean : 

AND  You use AND by default.  Intersection of sets.  Concussion prevention uses AND function and only gives you results (articles, webpages, etc) that have both words.

OR   OR allows you to search synonyms or related (or even unrelated) concepts at the same time.  Ankle OR knee OR foot allows you to search all these concepts at one time.  For most complex searches use parentheses, (Ankle OR knee OR foot).  Carolina OR tennessee OR virginia OR appalach*.  Teenager OR adolescent OR youth.  Elderly OR aged OR older OR senior.  The asterisk searches variations with the same beginning letters.

NOT   You probably will not use NOT often.  Get rid of unwanted results, if you can identify a word that will work.  (Leg OR knee OR thigh) NOT ankle.  (I often use Nurs* not "nursing homes.")

Quotation marks are useful, but strictly speaking, are not Boolean.


Helps with creating an answerable, useful question.  Helps with choice of search words.

Problem or population  -- soccer players

Intervention -- preventive training (or more specific type of preventive training)

Comparison treatment (or placebo) -- alternate type of preventive training?  what's being used up to now.

Outcome -- count frequency and severity of injuries.  Missed games or training.

WorldCat, (Google) and everything else

Journals in Exercise Science -- Ranked

Be wary of rankings.

Do we have the journal?  For the year we want, for example, 2020?

Zotero, EndNote, and other citation management options

Contact for Zotero or EndNote help.

Most used journals 2021, by unique downloads

These are highly used journals most easily attributed to Exercise Science.

664 Journal of Applied Physiology

576   Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

562   British Journal of Sports Medicine

454   Sports Medicine

397   Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise

372   American Journal of Physiology Heart and Circulatory Physiology

368   American Journal of Sports Medicine

347   Journal of Physiology

311   American Journal of Preventive Medicine

298   Preventive Medicine

263   European Journal of Applied Physiology

227   American Journal of Health Promotion

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