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Exercise Science: Journals

Finding a Journal

Journal rankings

We no longer subscribe to the Journal Citation Reports.  You can also look at at Eigenfactor, Scimago, and Google Scholar -- Top Publications.  You can break these down by topic.

Of course, be skeptical of all ranking systems. 

Journals -- Some of them

These are only some of our journals relevant for Exercise Science.  Also, I've mostly excluded journals of nutrition, athletic training, cardiovascular physiology and health, and others.  Be sure to search on your specific topic and see what's missing here.

I'm STILL adding to and updating the list of journals. 

Some of our top journals relevant for Exercise Science

Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise

Nutrition & Metabolism

Pediatric Exercise Science

Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport

Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports

Sports Medicine

Strength and Conditioning Journal  Only 2004-2011.  Current subscription should start November 2014.

We also may have older issues in print.  We have other electronic access to some also, in case you don't find the years you need with these links.

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