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Exercise Science: Overview

Fall 2020!

Need help? I'm available: email wiswellj@, Zoom, chat, appointment, (with 6 ft. spacing) at Levine 542F or Library, wherever.   Zoom by appointment.  Email if these times don't work.

Recent Articles from the ASU Department of Health & Exercise Science

Also look at the faculty pages at (scroll down).  These PubMed and Google Scholar searches will give you some false positives.

Dissertations and Theses

Dissertations and theses often cover current topics or topics that have not been studied extensively.

Please refer to the Theses and Dissertations Guide to help you identify authoritative resources for finding a thesis or dissertation on your topic.

Primal Pictures -- Anatomy

Both of these are now available at ANATOMY.TV .  Especially see the "Functional Anatomy."

Adverse Events


Top Exercise Science Databases

I like APPsearch too, on the main library page.

More databases for Exercise Science

Other Science and Health Databases

Reference Book

Contact -- John Wiswell

John Wiswell  
Health Sciences Librarian       
Levine Hall 542F & Belk Library 225  (828)262-7853
Available for students, faculty, and staff. 

Primal Pictures

Anatomy imaging software.

Location of Books

  • GV 342 Physical Education and Training
  • GV 436 Physical Fitness Testing
  • GV 1580 Dance
  • GV 706 Sports--Psychological aspects
  • QM-QP Anatomy and Physiology
  • QP 301 Kinesiology and Biomechanics
  • RC 1200 Sports Medicine
  • RC 1235 Human Mechanics
  • RM 725 Exercise Tests