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Biblical Interpretation: Oxford Bibilical Studies Online

Oxford Biblical Studies Online

Oxford Biblical Studies Online - Description

Texts from six Oxford Bibles

1. New Oxford Annotated Bible, Augmented Third Edition [NRSV],

2. Oxford Study Bible [REB],
3. Jewish Study Bible [TANAKH],
4. Catholic Study Bible, Second Edition [NAB],
5. Access Bible [NRSV], and
6. The Bible: Authorized King James Version with Apocrypha [KJV])

These can be viewed in side-by-side display with the user's choice of commentary and annotations from the Study Bibles, the stand-alone Oxford Bible Commentary, and A-Z concordances for the NRSV and NAB translations.

In addition to the Bible texts, Oxford Biblical Studies Online offers quick access to:

over 5,000 A-Z entries from
Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls,
Oxford Companion to the Bible,

and other Oxford references, including the following:
How to Read the Bible;
The Oxford Handbook of Biblical Studies;
The Oxford History of the Biblical World;
The Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible;
Oxford Bible Atlas, Fourth Edition;
The Oxford Dictionary of the Bible;
[The Oxford] Encyclopedia of the Bible;
and The Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East.