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Exegesis Paper

Your instructor says:

"This paper is to serve as a teaching tool in order to educate your fellow classmates on the topic/passage that you are presenting.  As you do your reading, assess your sources for their theological biases, presuppositions, cogency of arguments, sufficiency of arguments, etc.  At the beginning stage of your research, you will probably not be prepared to fully critique the various positions, but you need to be making critical assessments.  Do not accept statements as 'fact' without looking for the basis of support.  Remember: The Bible is your primary source."

You are to use the skills, tools, and resources from this class to get to know your passage thoroughly and then to write a paper to your colleagues in which you introduce the class to your text and explain its general function and meaning within the contexts of your book, AND in which you organize your paper around some focus or thesis.

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