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eBook Collections: eBook Central & EBSCO eBook Collection

Guide for finding and using eBooks

Using ebooks -- EBSCO and (ProQuest) eBook Central

I suggest reading online and then saving chapters and sections as permanent PDFs.  But almost all of these ebooks can be downloaded, almost all the time.  See these slides with screenshots.  Also, the U of New Mexico guide is helpful. And there are links to more EBSCO/ProQuest help pages at bottom here. 

However, the main problem I've seen is getting the book, once it's downloaded, actually into the reader.  Safari works flawlessly for me.  Try that if you have an iPad/iPhone.  Chrome, Firefox, and others often do not work.  I'd like to hear about problems and successes.

Zoom help, if you need it. 

eBook Central (ProQuest) - Downloading Chapters

eBook Central (ProQuest): Downloading specific chapters and page ranges as a PDF (easiest, lasts forever, works on all devices). You will not need to set up an Ebook Central account or login. 

1. Open the book online

2. Click either the chapter download icon or the printer icon to create a PDF document

Chapter download image

3. Select current chapter or page range option, then click continue

Print to PDF

4. Save the PDF file and read it any PDF viewer, such as Adobe Reader, or transfer the file to other devices. 

Most eBook Central ebooks can be downloaded.

eBook Cental provides access to multidisciplinary content from academic publishers. To download an entire ebook from ebrary, you must access ebrary through the library website and be logged into your own ebrary account: click on "Sign In" to access or create an ebrary account.

For more information, see the eBook Central Library Guide and How-to videos on YouTube

eBook Collection (EBSCO) - Downloading Chapters

eBook Collection (EBSCOhost): Downloading specific chapters and page ranges as a PDF (easiest, lasts forever, works on all devices).  You will not need to set up an EBSCOhost account or log in. 

1. Open the book online by clicking on PDF Full Text

2. Select the chapter you would like to download

3. Click on the Save Pages icon 

4. Click the button for "This section" and click on "Save PDF."

You could email the chapter as well.

See the EBSCO eBooks Support Center

Download eBook Collection (EBSCO) ebooks onto your smart device

The Library has over 140,000 ebooks in the EBSCO eBook Collection.  These
include many interesting books from small and academic presses.  Almost all of them can be checked out and downloaded.The easiest way to view EBSCO eBooks is to read them online. Click on PDF Full Text to read the eBook online.

Here's how to get them on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. You have to do these 4 steps just once:

You need to do the following steps each time to download an EBSCO ebook.
From your portable device:

  • Open your Bluefire Reader App. You will see Find My Library/Library Locator
  • Find your book(s). Click on "Download (Offline)"
  • Sign in (using your EBSCOhost account), click on Login
  • Click on Checkout & Download (most eBooks are available for 21 days)
  • You will get a message: Download successful Read Later or Read Now

Use Adobe Digital Editions instead of Bluefire Reader for Nooks, PCs, and Macs. Kindles are not compatible (except for PDFs of chapters).

If you need help, please ask for assistance at the Library Service Desk.

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