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Zotero - Citation Management - Workshop: Installing

Use Zotero to capture and use bibliographic citation information.

Installing Zotero



Zotero Workshop:

Before class, do these 3 things:

1.  Go to and click Download.  Install the application Zotero 5.0 on your laptop. 

2.  Install the Zotero Connector for either Firefox, Chrome or Safari.  (This allows your browser to connect to the Zotero app.)

  • When installing the connector, you need to be in the same browser - Firefox/Firefox, Chrome/Chrome, Safari/Safari
  • See video.

3.  Register for a Free Zotero Account.  You will be prompted to do this as part of the installation.

  • If you aren't prompted, go to

Please note:  Consider updating your laptop's core software (operating system, browser, word processor) on your laptop.   
Zotero knows what operating system & browser you use.  You will be prompted to download/install the right ones.
In this example, I am using windows and the firefox browser.

Step 1                                                                                      Step 2


Please note:  

  • There is not time during the class for you to install the software.
  • Use of Zotero on a tablet or phone is not supported in the class.  

Zotero 5.0 is a significant change if you were using Zotero for Firefox 4.0.  Read more about 5.0.

Ask Us

If you need assistance using Zotero please contact us:

Lisa Abbott
Education Librarian
(828) 262-2009

John Wiswell
Health Sciences Librarian
(828) 262-7853