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Zotero - Citation Management - Workshop: Citing and Writing

Use Zotero to capture and use bibliographic citation information.

Citing and Writing


Create citations in Word and OpenOffice without ever leaving your word processor and add references to an email, a Google Doc, or some other editor simply by dragging one or more references out of Zotero.

Word Processor Integration

Citing Items

  • Via the Preferences options > Cite > Styles -- you indicated your citation style preference.
  • To create single author in-text citations:
    • Open Word or OpenOffice, copy the below text sample, and select a place to add an in-text citation
      • The Copyright Office maintains records of and indexes to deposits, registrations, recordations, and other items related to copyright registration. The Office’s records and indexes are open to public inspection and can be copied. Under certain limited conditions, Office staff members can copy or reproduce items deposited with the Office and retained under its control. To assist with searches to locate and copy material, the Office provides various fee-based services.
    • In Word, find and click the Zotero tab in the Word Menu.  The Zotero - Add-Ins appear

    • Click the Add/Edit Citation icon., a Zotero dialog box appears.  Click the down arrow, use Classic View, navigate to the citation you want to use and click it.  The in-text citation will be placed at the location you selected.



  • To create multiple author in-text citations:
    • Click the Add/Edit Citation icon (see above example) and click the down arrow to select Classic View

    • Click the Multiple Sources option on this screen



  • Highlight the item and then the arrow to add it to the in-text citation - do that for each cite to include - when you are finished selecting the items, click OK and they should appear in one   (    )  separated by a  ;



Creating Bibliographies
There are many options:
  • If you are writing a paper and have used in-text citations, click at the end of the paper.  Then click the 2nd icon on the Word Add-In.  A bibliography is generated using the in-text citations you used.


  • You can right-click on a Collection, and select Create Bibliography from Collection.  You are prompted for a Citation Style, Output Mode and Output Method.


See also Northwestern's page on wordprocessing.