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Philosophy Through Popular Culture: Lifestyle

A guide to publications using popular culture as a vehicle for philosophy.

What Would the Real Housewives Do? Lifestyle and Philosophy

Arp, Robert. Tattoos: I Ink, Therefore I Am. 2012.

Bruce, Michael, and Robert M. Stewart, eds. College Sex: Philosophy for Everyone: Philosophers with Benefits. HQ35.2 C645 2010.

Frankfurt, Harry G. On Bullshit. BJ1421 F73 2005.

Frankfurt, Harry G. On Truth. BD171 F73 2006.

Hardcastle, Gary L, and George A. Reisch, eds. Bullshit and Philosophy: Guaranteed to Get Perfect Results Every Time. BJ1421 B85 2006.

Jacquette, Dale, ed. Cannabis: Philosophy for Everyone: What Were We Just Talking About? HV5822 M3 C285 2010.

Kaye, Sharon M., ed. What Philosophy Can Tell YOu About Your Lover. HQ21 W68 2012

Lintott, Sheila, ed. Motherhood: Philosophy for Everyone: The Birth of Wisdom. HQ759 M873819 2010.

Lowe, Scott C., ed. Christmas: Philosophy for Everyone: Better Than a Lump of Coal. BV45 C548 2010.

Miller, Kristie, and Marlene Clark, eds. Dating: Philosophy for Everyone: Flirting with Big Ideas. HQ801 D336 2010.

Monroe, Dave, ed. Porn: Philosophy for Everyone: How to Think with Kink. HQ471 P585 2010.

Nease, Lon S., and Michael W. Austin, eds. Fatherhood: Philosophy for Everyone: The Dao of Daddy. HQ756 F38246 2010.

Rocamore, Agnes, and Anneke Smelik, eds. Thinking Through Fashion: A Guide to Key Theorists. GT511 T45 2016. How fashion is viewed by such philosophers as Gilles Deleuze, Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, and many more.

Rollin, Bernard, E., et al. Harley-Davidson and Philosophy: Full-Throttle Aristotle. GV1059.5 H37 2006.

Swan, Liz Stillwaggon, ed. Yoga--Philosophy for Everyone: Bending Mind and Body. RA781.7 Y628 2012.

Waller, S. Serial Killers: Being and Killing. HV6515 S475 2010.

Wittkower, D. E., ed. Facebook and Philosophy: What's on Your Mind? HM742 F33 2010.

Wittkower, De. E., ed. iPod and Philosophy: iCon of an ePoch. MUSI LIBRARY ML3916 I76 2008.

Wolfendale, Jessica, and Jeanette Kennett, eds. Fashion--Philosophy for Everyone: Thinking About Style. 2011.


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