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Green Design and Construction: Where Do I Start

Help! Where Do I Start?

If you are just beginning to learn about your topic, start your research by reading an overview of it in one or more more specialized encyclopedias and handbooks, such as those listed below. This will help you to identify the most important aspects of the subject and determine which sources of information will be most helpful as you continue with your research. Remember to look under both specific topics and broader ones--for example, check both green products and sustainable buildings. Listed to the left are some suggestions for topics.

Once you have a general knowledge of your topic, you can move on to finding books, magazines and journal articles, government publications, audio and visual media, web sites, and other sources of information. Just follow the tabs at the top of this page.

Some good overviews of green design and construction topics are listed below.

Background Information

Some Topics to Look For

Listed below are some topics within the broad subject of green design and construction. You can use these phrases when doing subject searches in the Library Catalog (Books &Media) and the indexes suggested throughout this guide. Not every one of these topics will be in every source, but these are the terms that are used most often.

Building Materials--Environmental Aspects

Buildings--Energy Conservation

Ecological Landscape Design

Construction Industry--Appropriate Technology

Earth Houses

Environmental Engineering

Green Products

Green Roofs (Gardening)

Green Technology


Straw Bale Houses

Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Buildings--Design and Construction

Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Living

Subject Guide

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