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Legal Resources: Administrative Law

A guide to finding the law and information about the law.

Definition of Administrative Law

Administrative Law (rules and regulations establihed by federal or state agencies) 

"The law governing the organization and operation of administrative agencies (including executive and independent agencies) and the relations of administrative agencies with the legislature, the executive, the judiciary, and the public.

• Administrative law is divided into three parts:

(1) the statutes endowing agencies with powers and establishing rules of substantive law relating to those powers;

(2) the body of agency-made law, consisting of administrative rules, regulations, reports, opinions containing findings of fact, and orders; and

(3) the legal principles governing the acts of public agents when those acts conflict with private rights."

Definition from Black's Law Dictionary (8th ed., 2004)

Code of Federal Regulations

Examples of Administrative Law

Chronologically arranged:
Federal Register (daily)  
61 FR (or Fed. Reg.) 7706

N.C. Register (bi-weekly)

Codified (arranged by subject):
Code of Federal Regulations   
28 C.F.R. 81  

N.C. Administrative Code
21 NCAC 46.3210 
(or )
21 N.C. ADMIN. CODE 46.3210

Federal Register

Access the Federal Register from the following sources:

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