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Social Work: Fall 2020!

A guide for doing research in social work.

Social Work Databases and other eResources

But also use APPsearch, PsycINFO, and others.

Agenda -- September 2020, especially for SW 4365

Videos for Sept. 10th class

Video #1 -- Start with one article -- APA in-text citations, citing and Cited by (Google Scholar) (6 minutes)

Video #2 -- Searching -- Which databases? (3:30)

Video #3 -- Searching -- Thinking about search words and "phrases," relevance, AND OR * (7 minutes)

Video #4 -- Getting full text (4:30)

Video #5 -- APA formatting and references (5 minutes)

Video #6 -- Managing your PDFs and documenting your searches (5 minutes)


Library help --, appointments, chat

Journal Articles -- words, databases, other tricks

Chop and expand your search words; try more databases; citing past and future.

Think about narrower, broader, related terms for your topic.

Sample search in Social Work Abstracts and in APPsearch

Journal Articles -- getting full text

Find@ASU is likely to successfully find full text.  Maybe 75-80%, but depends on your search.

Also, try Google Scholar, try out Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad), and/or ask me for help.

Citing APA, writing, and managing:

ASU Writing Center -- good for formatting your paper, changes in APA 7th

Purdue OWL

Zotero (Ask for help, if you want to try this.)

Video -- Saving, managing, and citing (about 6 minutes)

I don't recommend setting up an EBSCO account, since you'll be working outside of EBSCO a lot also.

Peer Review

NC State has this nice video -- Peer Review in 3 minutes (Thanks, NC State!)

But how do you know a journal is peer-reviewed?

In most EBSCO databases, if you click the journal title link here, you'll get a page that confirms Peer Reviewed:  Yes                (But not in Social Work Abstracts)

I often Google a journal, and look at the journal's website.  It will say it's peer-reviewed and have details.  One example.

We also have Ulrich's Serial Directory.  The same journal says "Refereed     Yes"


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