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Library Collections -- an Overview: Books and eBooks

Estimates -- How many books and ebooks?

These 5 totals, as of November 2021.

480,000    books in Belk Main Stacks    (473,532 volumes on 6/13/2023)

100,000      physical books in other Belk and Music collections   (118,617 on 2/8/2024)

about 582,000    ebooks 1901-present       (712,466 on 2/8/2024)

about 561,000    ebooks 1000 CE - 1900    (573,666 on 2/8/2024)

but APPsearch shows we have about 181,000 ebooks with no date, or published before the year 1000 CE.


Looking only at books/ebooks published in 2021, owned as of 5/24/2022

2999    physical books  (1705 in Belk Main Stacks)

1127     ebooks

This does not include a few thousand ebooks available in our catalog on a Demand-Driven basis and the thousands more that we license (lease)..

Also, only 6 DVDs (published in 2021)

Spending on books and ebooks

Monograph allocations   $408K   Guessing this is about 50:50 physical to ebook, but is swinging toward ebooks.  Some video.

Endowment funds, for books   $70K

Safari/O'Reilly   $52K   Mostly, but not exclusively, computer science

Wiley ULAC ebooks   $45K

JSTOR WNCLN ebooks   $37K

EBSCO Academic ebooks   $22K

ProQuest Ebook Central   free   NCLive pays for these.  Not all of our ProQuest ebooks are through this package though.

Oxford ULAC ebooks   $15K

McNaughton (physical books)   $10K   Browsing Collection books

Learning Express   free   NCLive pays for these.  Test prep books.

Overdrive   $10K

Taylor & Francis ULAC ebooks   $10K

Britannica   $6K

Oxford English Dictionary   $7K

DSM Library  

Global Road Warrior

CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics


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