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Library Collections -- an Overview: e-Resources and Journals

Overview of Library Collections

Collections expenditures 2019-2020: about $3.6 or $3.7 million (about 31% of the total library budget and less than $200 per student)

Largest collection expenditures:

ScienceDirect journals -- Freedom Collection, about 2000 current journals (most but not all ScienceDirect journals)

Monographs: books, some video, some ebook    -- approx. $450,000  (but see next page for more on ebooks)

Wiley journals -- all Wiley--Blackwell journals

Springer Nature journals -- most but not quite all Springer journals.  Just a few Nature journals.

Sage journals -- almost all Sage journals

We do not subscribe to a "Big Deal" with Taylor & Francis, but we spend over $100,000 on various T&F journals.

EBSCO databases -- We subscribe to about 15-20 of these.  With some full text.

ProQuest databases -- These are mostly paid for by statewide NC Live service. With some full text.

Oxford journals -- We have all 350 of their current journals.

Use by AppState community -- Roughly 1 million subscription article downloads in 2019

-- Circulation of physical books continues to fall, to about 150,000 in 2017-2018

-- But availability and use of ebooks has increased dramatically

Also see Databases, APPsearch, Catalog, e-Journals, and other access points.  Or ask your librarian.

EBSCO, ProQuest, JSTOR and rolling embargoes

Some of the libraries' journal content is from JSTOR, ProQuest, and EBSCO.  These vendors give us access to many journals on a delayed basis.  We often use the term embargo.  A 12 month embargo means that we get full text access only after 12 months passes from original publication.  There are also often articles published under a label such as "Advance Access," for articles accepted and published but not assigned to an issue.  Those will often be delayed for additional time from publication date.  That is, a 12 month embargo might involve greater than a 12 month delay from publication in an issue.

We often have access to journals through more than one source.  See eJournals on library webpage (center in August 2021).  Also, we have a high-functioning system for accessing journal articles from other libraries, ILLiad.

Also see Music, IMC, and Special Collections

Questions -- Contact your liaison librarian

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