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Digital Humanities: Cool Tools

Funding for Digital Humanities Projects

Digging into Data. Information on funded big data research grants, including a number falling within the digital humanities.

Digital Humanities Now. This University of Florida site lists a number of national sources of funding.

Funding Opportunities in the Digital Humanities.

NEH Grants. Includes Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants and Digital Humanities Implementation Grants.

Software and Other Tools for the Digital Humanities

Creative Commons. A website that "develops, supports, and stewards legal and technical infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing, and innovation." Allows you to share your work without losing copyright benefits.

DiRT Directory: Digital Research Tools. A guide to tools for specific purposes: capturing information, analyzing, archiving, modeling, publishing, etc.

Juxta Commons. A free tool from NINES that allows you to compare and collate differrent editions of a text.

Mediawiki. Open source (free) software. For more information, contact Scott Rice, Belk Library and Information Commons,

Musipedia. Use this wikipedia-like site to find and identify a tune by playing or whistling it, or just tapping the rhythm on a computer keyboard.

Neatline. Allows you to overlay historical maps onto GIS data and add annotations.

Ngram Viewer. Google tool that allows users to search more than 30 million digitized books for common words and phrases and then graph their usage frequency along a timeline. For more information, check out the book Uncharted: Big Data as a Lens on Human Culture (2013).

Omeka. Facilitates developing digital collections, including images and documents. To establish an account, contact Scott Rice, Belk Library and Information Commons,

Open Journal Systems (OJS). Allows you to edit, proof-read, manage peer reviews, and just about anything else necessary in publishing an electronic journal. To establish an account, contact Scott Rice, Belk Library and Information Commons,

Poem Viewer. A web-based tool for visualizing poems hosted by the University of Oxford. Includes sample visualizations.

TextArc. A visualization tool for a single page of an entire work.

Typewright. A tool for correcting the text version of a document composed of page images.

Voyant. A web-based reading and analysis tool for digital texts.



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