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Evaluating Internet Sources

Critical evaluation of information sources is an important skill to develop. Asking questions can make the difference between just finding information and finding quality information.

Use the CRAAP test

To Evaluate the:

of your information source.


  • When was the information published or updated?
  • Is there more recent information available on your topic?


  • Who is the intended audience (elementary school children or brain surgeons)?
  • How in-depth is the information? Is the information overly basic or highly specialized?
  • Is the information appropriate for your research?


  • Can you find information about the author from sources?
  • Is the author a self-proclaimed expert or enthusiast?
  • What are the author's or publisher's credentials?
  • For websites, what does the URL signify - is it a .gov, .com, .edu?Tip: an author may be an individual, an organization, or a corporation.


  • Is the information well written?
  • Is the information verifiable elsewhere?
  • Are the sources of information documented?


  • Is the information biased or prejudiced
  • Is the information designed to entertain, disseminate scholarly information, or sell something?
  • Is the information presented complete?
  • For internet sources, how is the site funded?