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RC 1000 Research Guide

Choosing a Topic

Ensure success when doing research by having a clear idea of where you’re going (a research question and thesis statement) and what you’re trying to find (specific evidence and examples). Here are some tips:

Picking your topic IS research - video (3:10)

If you're still stuck on choosing a topic or developing a broad topic into something manageable for your project, get help from a professional! The consultants at the University Writing Center are waiting to assist you with any part of the writing process.


An incomplete sphere made of large, white, jigsaw puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece contains one glyph from a different writing system, with each glyph written in black.





Wikipedia is rarely an acceptable source to cite in a research paper. However, it can be a great source for background information about research topics  and a source for some of the research already done on certain topics.