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RC 1000 Research Guide

About This Guide

This guide is designed to support research assignments in RC 1000 and serves as a companion to the resources available via the University Libraries homepage - it contains videos, research tips, links, and more.

RC 1000 Goals and Outcomes Library Outcomes
Goal 2: students must exhibit increasingly critical thinking, reading, and writing skills.  
Locating, evaluating, analyzing, synthesizing, and documenting primary and secondary sources.
  • Begin to identify successful keywords and existing debates on their topics through brainstorming and background research
  • Search for and find relevant sources using appropriate tools/methods
  • Identify the appropriate source (per assignment requirements and/or topic) 
  • Identify and use appropriate citation
Goal 4: students must gain increasing ability to research and write in various environments, including electronic environments  
Using a variety of technologies in conducting research.
  • Identify and use appropriate tools for RC 1000 research: open web search engines and APPsearch