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BIO 6615 - Current Topics in Molecular Biology: Citation Managment

For a the seminar course exploring recent advances in Cell and Molecular Biology using primary literature published within the last six months.


There are several citation management softwares.  Variations among them include:  Cloud-based or not; free or not; and steep learning curve or not. 

If your lab has chosen a software, use it.  Peer support is important.

Know that EndNote is free only while you are a student.  Once you leave ASU, you must purchase a personal copy of EndNote (~$300) to continue to access your files.  Endnote is powerful, complex, and requires commitment.  

Zotero is free, easy to use, and portable with you when you leave ASU.  The library provides training on Zotero.

Mendeley is free, easy to use, owned by Elsevier, portable, and has more social media features.  The functionality of Zotero and Medeley are sufficient for most users most of the time.

All three products interface with MS-Word to cite while you write.  There are many YouTube training videos for all these products.

Click HERE for some guidance on choosing a citation manager.



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