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BIO 6615 - Current Topics in Molecular Biology: Find Articles

For a the seminar course exploring recent advances in Cell and Molecular Biology using primary literature published within the last six months.

Gotta Know These 3 Tools


asterisk mark  

Truncation of a stem.  Enzym*  finds enzyme, enzymes, enzymatic, enzymological.....

Quotation-mark-picDouble Quotes hold words together in order.  "pinus radiata"  "soil horizon"


Drop Down Box Clip Art

Pull-Down Box.  Change where the database looks.  Topic too broad?  Choose Title.

Database Intermarriage

Notice that Zoo. Record, BioAbs, Web of Science, and Medline are all part of a larger sphere called the Web of Knowledge.  You may search all of them at-once by choosing ALL DATABASES in the pull-down at the top of Medline, Bio Abs, or Web of Science.

Medline vs Pubmed vs PubmedCentral


Go HERE for a further explanation about the differences in these databases from the US National Library of Medicine.

Top Database Picks

Medline with link PubMed logo with link Web of Science Logo.png with link

If you want everything and no duplicates, choose "All Databases" from the pulldown at the top of the Web of Science page.

Other Useful Databases

These databases index journals articles....

Search Google Scholar

Boolean Logic

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