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RM 3241 Travel and Tourism: Home

Some of our top journals on travel and tourism

Usually the best way to find tourism journals is to search for articles on tourism topics, but also see ranked lists (and be skeptical of rankings):  Scimago, Google Scholar, Eigenfactor.  We do not quite have everything on tourism.  Consider requesting what we don't have immediately through ILLiad -- Interlibrary Loan.  Those articles will usually arrive in about 24 hours.

A few suggestions for web searching

I search a lot with the place name and then the word travel, like "Cape Breton" travel.  But be more specific in some of your searches.  Try Argentina wine or better, Mendoza malbec.  How about "cape breton" cycling?

The internet is getting old.  Try limiting results to just the last few years, using "Tools," under the search box.  Try "Custom range" and from 8/31/2016.

Try doing some of your searches in the languages of your target destinations.  You can do this in part by using place names and other words from those languages.  Try searching on Catalonia turismo or on Girona ciclismo rutas.  Websites of local and regional organizations can be very useful.  (Also use Google Translate as needed, for search words and then to read easily.)

You can also search using the countries' domains, for example including or for Spain or Mexico.  Which country is .ca ?  What's the domain for South Africa?  (Try Wikipedia.  One caution -- domains are less regulated than a few years ago.)  There are more options under Google's Advanced Search.

Also, consider doing some of your searching using alternative search engines that are more private.  DuckDuckGo and Startpage.

A few other thoughts

Develop a few trusted sources for general place information, but also for specific travel (and other) interests.  For travel, I like to look for results from The Guardian and The Telegraph (newspapers) and sometimes I include the word guardian in my searches.  But you might go to sources like Outside Magazine or Cruise Critic Personally, I skip Trip Advisor and Yelp.

Of course, related to this, suggestions from people you actually know, who have been somewhere, are the best.  Even then, you have to ask yourself if their perspectives are likely to match yours.


Go slowly and be picky.  Skip some of the top results and be ready to go to page 2 and beyond.


Cross-check your results.  If a website tells you about a great place or organization, search again on its name, both to look for agreement and, if you decide it's a good bet, to find more places that are co-recommended.


Also, by the way, as an academic-type person, consider searching Google Scholar (or our fun databases, like APPsearch, if you're still in school).  It can be interesting to know what scientists and historians are looking at in your region.

And check the local news.  Something might be happening.

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