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RC 2001 Research Guide

About this Guide

This guide is designed to support research assignments in Rhetoric and Composition (RC) 2001. It contains tutorials, handouts, how to get help, and more to support your journey to a successful project. Use the menu to the left or the links towards the bottom of the page to navigate to the different pages of this guide. 

RC 2001 Goals and Outcomes Belk Library Outcomes

Goal 2: students must exhibit increasing disciplinary awareness.

Outcome: Developing a burgeoning understanding of the genres and formats common to their major disciplines.
  • Begin to identify the genres and formats common to major discipline through background research and preliminary source selection for assignment(s)
Goal 3: students must apply disciplinary awareness to the creation of their own texts across various genres and/or media.  
Outcome: Locating, evaluating, analyzing, synthesizing, and incorporating primary and/or secondary sources appropriate to genre and discipline.
  • Identify or refine a discipline-specific topic
  • Begin to identify topic-specific keywords, experts, concepts/theories, etc. through brainstorming and background research
  • Use appropriate tools to locate discipline-specific research

Outcome: Demonstrating correct use of at least two documentation styles.

  • Identify citation style common to scholarly articles found during library instruction session or research lab
  • Identify appropriate database-generated citations, edit (as needed), and reuse
Goal 5: students must develop information literacy strategies and skills that transfer across the curriculum.  
Outcome: Selecting and using hardware, software, databases, and other technologies for researching, drafting, and sharing writing.
  • Identify and use non-library tools to find relevant discipline-specific discourse, research publications, and research 
  • Identify and use discipline-specific library tools for topic research or to access specific journals