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LAW 2150 - Legal Environment of Business: Overview

Assignment: Business Law Research Paper

  • Pick your topic. Your topic should relate to business law. Make every effort to limit your paper to legal or policy issues
  • Take time to conduct background research on your topic in order to understand the legal landscape. Develop inquiry based questions
  • The research paper will be 8-10 pages
  • Use the IRAC (Issue, Rule, Analysis, Conclusion) method to organize your paper 
  • Quality research will be evidenced by sources you select (textbook, newspapers, magazines, etc) to support your analysis. Cite your reference using APA format 

Exploring a Topic

CQ Researcher and General Library Databases are a good place to begin exploring a topics that address both legal and business issues. Use the resources listed below to search on a topic and find background information.

Sample Topical Areas

  • Recent developments in product liability law
  • Discrimination in employment labor law
  • Competition and Antitrust Legislation in Health Care

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