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MAT 3010 History of Mathematics: Home

Guide for Dr. Tracie Salinas' Survey of the History of Mathematics

Reserves for MAT 3010

Book cover of A History of Mathematics.

Reserves for MAT 3010

Four book covers of volumes of The World of Mathematics.

Welcome - MAT 3010 - Getting Started


This is a Library Guide to help you with your paper in MAT 3010, aka History of Mathematics. 

Off-Campus Access

Off-campus?  To access electronic resources when you are off-campus, go through the ASU Library's website or this class research guide.  Somewhere along the way in your search you will move into propriety space (where ASU has paid the bills) and a login box will appear asking for your Banner ID and password.  You can locate your Banner ID number on AppalNet.  If you want to use Google Scholar, also go through the Library website or this link and click on Google Scholar tab.

If you have any trouble with off-campus access, please call the Library Services Desk personnel at (828) 262-2818 or (828) 262-2819.

Where to begin?

  • Know your assignment & what kind of resources you are required to use (e.g., books, articles, web sites, etc.)
  • Explore your topic (write down key words as you find preliminary information).  Brainstorm.
  • Try broader, narrower, variant spellings, or related terms:
    • math / mathematician / mathematics
    • geometry / algebra
    • quadratic / "number theory" / "mathematical notation"
    • statistics / "statistical methods"
    • Al-Khowarizmi / Al-Khwarizmi

Your Librarian @ ASU

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John Abbott

Ask Your Librarian!

A Liaison Librarian partners with each University College or Department to assist faculty, staff, and students in their learning, teaching and/or research.

Contact your Liaison Librarian for help and collaboration with any of the following:

  • student research
  • recommending new purchases of print or electronic resources
  • information literacy teaching, strategies and assessments
  • faculty research and teaching
  • customized Web and/or print research guides for classes