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Doctoral Program - Educational Leadership: Fundamentals of Library Research

Getting Started with Library Research

The Big Picture

During the next 2 years, we will meet with you 4 times to guide you in expanding your information literacy skills to locate scholarly literature. These skills will give you confidence in knowing where to search, how to search, how to distinguish quality literature and how to obtain the literature you locate.

Before we get in the trees, lets first look at the forest view.  The below graphics illustrate sources of information, the timeline of information, evaluating information and a library research process. They are the inter-related big picture.  When we say searching is iterative, it is with this bigger picture in mind -- and all the connections you will be exploring.  

We look forward to working with you during your doctoral journey.

Lisa and Kelly

Information Sources

Information Timeline & Where to Search

Evaluating Information Sources

Library Research is a Flow

Librarian Contact

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Kelly Rhodes

IMC Librarian

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Margaret Gregor