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A supplemental guide to STEM 5530

Course Description

GRD: 5530 Communicating STEM

1-Credit Hour

3-5pm Rankin Science West 156

Email Instructors: Eric Marland, Stephanie Bennett for more information

In an increasingly divided world, but also one where science and technology play a vital and immediate role, it is essential that we learn to communicate complicated or conflicted ideas effectively, efficiently, and compassionately. We need to be nimble in communicating our ideas with varied audiences in multiple settings and under different constraints.

This transdisciplinary graduate course will be a curiosity sandbox, a collaborative playground. We will blend acting improvisation with conflict management theory and paint it on a background of scientific knowledge and innovation. We will tell fictional true stories and listen to body language and silence. We will also try to have a bit of fun in the process.

Most importantly, we will learn to support each other on the path to being better communicators of our ideas.


Readings come from Alan Alda, AAAS, Michael Pollan, Bruce Alberts, Dwight Conquergood, Trevor Noah, and others.

Videos come from Jacob Collier, Lera Boroditsky, Maggie Koerth, Hans Rosling, Ray Christian, and others.

Activities come from many sources, including the students own experiences.


Welcome to the supplemental Library Guide for GRD: 5530, Communicating STEM

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